User:Legoktm/Train blockers

Analysis of deployment train blockers with an interest in preventing future regressions.

Task Summary Component Resolution Regression likely Suggested remediation
T211769 Database::selectSQLText called from ApiBase::filterIDs with incorrect parameters: $conds must be a string or an array MediaWiki Core -> API Fix function call Yes Static analysis - why did Phan not catch this?
T211774 Full table scans on oldimage table MediaWiki Core -> Pagers Change query ? Figure out why image and oldimage have different indexes, and whether it should be standardized.
T211805 BadMethodCallException Extension:EventBus Revert Yes, this was a repeat Static analysis?
T211806 Guzzle deprecation warnings MediaWiki Core -> HTTP Revert ? Integration tests, also why are deprecation warnings becoming exceptions?
T210608 BadMethodCallException Extension:EventBus Revert Yes Static analysis?