User:Legoktm/Road to +2

+2 rights allow you to merge patches to a Gerrit repository. The goal of this page is to help people who are interested in serving as maintainers and having +2 rights with how to go about the process. Don't treat it as a checklist of things you need to do before you can get +2, but more of a guide and suggestions.

The road to beaches +2


+2 is all about trust: do we trust you to properly review patches before approving them? Trust is built over time by showing good judgement and working collaboratively with other maintainers.

Being a trusted user (administrator, etc.) on wikis helps as well.

Submit patchesEdit

Before you can become a maintainer, you should be an active code author.

Maintain an extensionEdit

Maintaining an extension is a good way to demonstrate good judgement in merging patches and gain experience with code review. Try finding an extension you regularly use on-wiki and start providing patches for that. You could also try picking up an unmaintained extension, but that could be frustrating if there's no one to merge your patches.

Provide good reviewsEdit

<TimStarling> what does +1 mean anyway?
<Brooke> Reviewer has a working mouse.

Even if you don't have +2 yet, you can still provide code review. -1 reviews are helpful when you're pointing out issues that need fixing, either spotted by reading the code, or testing it directly. For a +1 review to be useful, it needs to be accompanied with a comment of something like "I tested this and it worked properly" - otherwise a plain +1 just indicates that your mouse works.

Work with a mentorEdit

The following people have volunteered to serve as mentors in an informal setting. Feel free to ask them for help, ask them to review your reviews, and any other advice.