The original concept for the MWVersionInfo extension was to have a complex ContentHandler extension that had a page for each release, aggregating the data into a database table. It would power an upgrade API, which was my main goal. Here's my newer, simpler proposal:

  • Yes Done A MediaWiki namespace JSON page to replace the data currently in Module:Version
    • Bonus points for also moving the Lua code into an extension-provided Lua library
  • An API that returns the latest supported MediaWiki versions. You should be able to provide your current version and it'll tell you if you're up to date or recommend a version to upgrade to (including tracking LTS or not).
    • Initially should return the full version and a link to the tarball.
  • We can add in more data like if it was a security release, etc. later
  • We should also include the last release for obsolete versions since people will now need to step upgrade through versions since you can't one-shot upgrade to latest release anymore.
  • If we have a PHP class that returns the list of supported branches, ExtensionDistributor can get its config from there instead of maintaining a separate list.

Mock API parameters:

  • current=1.35.1
    • return info on latest 1.35 release
  • current=1.35
    • return info latest 1.35 release
  • current=lts
    • return info on latest LTS release
  • current=1.34
    • return info on latest 1.35 release
  • current=1.31.1
    • return info on latest 1.31 release, maybe optionally suggest 1.35 as well?