User:Legoktm/2022 regressions

Some notes.

Task Impact Timeline
T304002 Duplicate "log in" links shown 1 day
T298638 Significant breakage/hinderance on Special:Contributions for users with screen-readers, see summary at T298638#7751837. Also didn't work with Flow (T302343). ??
T302956 Tabs indicated to admins that a page was protected when it wasn't 1 week (no backport)
T302461 Empty table of contents in new Vector 8 days
T302051 PHP exception on ?? pages 0 days
T301810 Cannot search when using new Vector 0 days
T299352 Can't save edits using the VisualEditor API 1 day
T300100 Timeless categories are showing up where page/action tabs are 0 days
T300278 Deleting a page using old Vector lands you on new Vector, and in some other cases like T288113, T290539, T305966, T302627. In some cases, it would try loading old Vector styles on new Vector, messing up other things: T303265. ??
T302084 Watchlist link appears twice in UI 1 month
T304039 Access keys stopped working on new Vector ??
T299671 Fatals on all? loginwiki pages 0 days

Last at T293954.