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Technology programs on meta:

In the "Program Owner" column below, the number in parens () is the program number as labeled in an internal Technology planning document. (X) indicates that the program is not mentioned in that doc (but it is in the annual plan).

Teams 🡺

🡻 Programs

Program Owner 🡻 Analytics Engineering Performance Release Engineering Research Security Services Technical Operations Cloud Services Scoring Platform MediaWiki Platform Fundraising Tech Search
Team Lead 🡺 Nuria Gilles Greg Dario Darian Gabriel Mark Bryan Aaron Tim Katie Erika
Phab board 🡺 #analytics-kanban #performance-team #release-engineering-team #research-and-data #security-team #services #operations [1] #cloud-services-team #scoring-platform-team #mediawiki-platform-team #fundraising-backlog #discovery-search
Availability, performance, and maintenance Mark (0) YES YES YES YES YES YES
MediaWiki Tim (3) YES YES
Addressing technical debt Greg (4) YES
Technical community building Bryan (5) YES YES YES YES
Scoring Platform (ORES) Aaron (7) YES YES YES YES
Streamlined service delivery Mark (8) YES YES YES
Smart tools for better data Nuria (9) YES YES YES YES YES
Multi-datacenter support Mark (10) YES YES YES YES
Growing Wikipedia across languages Leila (11) YES YES YES
Public cloud services & support Bryan (16) YES
Improving citations across projects Dario (13) YES
Grow contributor diversity Leila (12) YES
Privacy, Security, and Data Management Nuria (2) YES YES YES YES
Structured Data on Commons Tim (14) YES YES YES YES YES YES
Research on harassment Dario


New Readers: Performance and offline (New Readers) YES

[1] The Operations project doesn't have a workboard, but lists sub-projects that do have workboards (netops, traffic, dba, etc.)