User:KSmith (WMF)/New role in Technology

Here are my tentative new responsibilities as a Program Manager in the Technology Department, as I understand them at this time:

  • Support for programs
    • Coach all Technology program owners to ensure backlog maintenance and visibility
    • Assist all Technology program owners with their project planning including goals and resources
    • Assist all Technology program owners with their project management and execution
    • Serve as the owner of our Tech Debt program
  • Support for other specific Technology activities
    • Manage(?) our Developer Wishlist
    • Assist the Technology Committee chair in managing their agenda and workflow
    • Attend and help determine the future of scrum of scrums
  • General support for the department
    • Liaise with the Developer Relations team within the Community Engagement Department to help establish a strong link between the external developer community and Technology program owners
    • Help create effective communication channels within the organization
    • Drive special programs as needed
    • Serve as a trusted advisor to employees and leadership
    • Create ad hoc reports and presentations as needed

My initial focus will be on working with individual program owners to help ensure they have and use visible backlogs to plan and track their work.