User:KSmith (WMF)/ArchCom engagement proposal

Proposal for Kevin Smith's engagement with the Architecture committee, as a member of the Team Practices Group


  • Help ArchCom operate more smoothly, primarily by recommending process improvements
  • Help ArchCom members understand and agree on the team's purpose and norms


  • One quarter (2016-04 through 2016-06), with the possibility to extend

Time commitment:

  • Roughly 3 hours per week
    • 1 hr/wk attending the committee meeting
    • 1 hr/wk meeting with Robla about potential process improvements, facilitation advice, etc.
    • 1 hr/wk "other" (meeting with other members; email; writing docs; etc.)

Definition of "Done":

  • The quarter ends

Definition of "Success":

  • Robla feels the team benefited substantially from the engagement (that ArchCom received 40 hours of value)