User:Jiabao wu/GSoC 2013 Project Work/2013-05-27

According to the Checklist for GSoC 2013 Community Bonding Perioed.


  • Have posted a comment in the bug report related to my project explaining the current status and next steps.


By June 1st

  • Make sure my profile is up to date.
  • Include one short paragraph introducing myself and my expectations about my GSoC project.
  • Include a casual landscape picture of myself in the actual place where I will work on my GSoC project.

By June 17th

  • Have a good intro of my project at the GSoC website that is descriptive, looks good and links to my full project page at
  • Have set-up development environment
  • Confident of having read and understood the relevant documentation for my project.
  • Subscribed to wikitech-l, following at least all GSoC related threads.
  • Have agreed the way of working with my mentors (based on public community channels and documented in my full project page at
    • code
    • bugs
    • updates
    • regular communication
  • Aware that I can watch pages and enable notifications to my user preferences.
  • After completing this checklist please add "Bonding: OK" to the Updates column of the table.