User:Jdlrobson/Quest/Frontend UI standardisation


Icon standardisationEdit

  1. Get mw-ui-icon into the [style guide]. [DONE]
  2. Make all projects not using OOJS UI use the same markup as the components in the styleguide.
  3. #Consolidate code between styleguide consumers and VisualEditor

Get consistent Forms across MediaWiki by applying MediaWiki UIEdit

  1. Resolve bugs preventing [from being true]
  2. Setup beta feature for form standardisation so that community can give feedback and we can polish existing components.
  3. Implement mw-ui-select
  4. Implement mw-ui-radio
  5. Set $wgUseMediaWikiUIEverywhere = true
  6. #Consolidate code between styleguide consumers and VisualEditor

Consolidate code between styleguide consumers and VisualEditorEdit

  1. Provide component api for building mediawiki ui elements using oojs ui - (using OOJS UI template widget?)
  2. Update all consumers of the styleguide to generate markup using the component api (see example code below)
  3. Consolidate markup between VisualEditor and Styleguide consumers

e.g. something like this mw.ui.button( { constructive: true } ); $this->getSkin()->ui()->button( { constructive: true } );

MobileFrontend to use OOJSEdit

  1. Make MobileFrontend use OO.EventEmitter and OO.inheritClass [DONE]
  2. Jon to explore using connect and OO.Registry in MobileFrontend
  3. Trevor to create an OOUI template widget that allows an OOUI widget to render a template
  4. Refactor View.js in MobileFrontend to use the OOUI template widget that Trevor is building
  5. Consolidate Dialog and Overlay code between Growth, Flow and MobileFrontend

Echo standardisationEdit

  1. Rewrite Echo desktop overlay to use OOJS
  2. Move Echo mobile code in MobileFrontend into Echo, when they are built in a standard way
  3. (Other stuff - to be fleshed out)

Template standardisationEdit

  1. Resolve template RFC, Get templates in core

(Hopefully this will full out of the other work)