User:Isarra/Page links

Assuming three main classes of pages, a logical lumping of interface/tool links (currently toolbox, page actions, views, etc) may be as follows.

Special pagesEdit

Generic non-editing special pages. Base default for visible tools.

  • Namespaces
  • Tools
    Upload file
    Special pages
    Printable version
  • Actions
    Refresh page

Standard pagesEdit

For anything with page content. Extra stuff on top of the usual special page pile.

  • Namespaces
  • Primary actions
  • Actions
    Delete page
    Rename page
    Protect page
  • Tools
    Related changes
    Permanent link
  • Data
    Page information
    Page history
    Page logs
    What links here

User pagesEdit

Extra stuff on top of the usual standard pile.

  • Actions
    Block user
  • Tools
    User rights management
  • Data
    User contributions
    User log