User:Diwanshipandey/OPW March Report

Completing media wiki API development course on codecademy edit

March 2014 edit

Status edit

Plan edit

  • Edit mediawiki API main page. Make it short and basic. Add newly learnt stuff.
  • Final Test/Review the courses.

Progress edit

  • Edited API main page as suggested by Yuri.
  • Tested the courses. Working fine. No problem in code.
  • Only one person has given feedback till now. So the more the feedback will be, the more we'd be able to find bugs or other issues.
  • I have noticed one bug in codecademy exercises. Working on that.
  • Edit changes have been rejected by Nemo Bis with the explanation:(sorry, I don't understand the point of these changes: is used everywhere, other pages should be linked, you removed important sentences; please discuss on talk and/orr explain better).