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User:Diploid/ATS (Article Tagging System)

MediaWiki extensions manual
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ATS (Article Tagging System)
Release status: experimental
Implementation Parser function
Description This extension allows users to tag articles on your wiki and display tag clouds.
Author(s) Rob
License No license specified
Download see below
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Welcome to the Article Tagging System (ATS) Extension. ATS allows users to embed cloud tags in any page's wikitext. The Tags of the the page's tag cloud represent categories to which the page is added after it is tagged. The more people who tag the article as a specific tag the larger it will be displayed relative to the other tags. It should be noted that this extension is very much so a work in progress, is not properly optimized for very large wikis (read: do not install on wikipedia) and requires a high level of media wiki knowledge to install.

More Info on this extension will become available once I'm not half asleep. It should be working in most cases now, please report glitches in my talk page so I can fix em--Diploid 07:36, 13 August 2007 (UTC)


This extension was made when I was learning PHP for the first time and as such it is quite terrible. Please do not use this plugin for anything, ever. Unless you've got the time to rewrite it it will be more pain then it's worth. It probably defeats various aspects of mediawiki security and does not follow proper coding standards at all, it is not object oriented and interfaces with mediawiki through a variety of hacks that are probably extremely dangerous to any wiki that uses it.

I plan to redo this someday to preserve my good name as a programmer however for the time being it is a piece of junk, albeit a useful and visually pleasing piece of junk, but a piece of junk none the less.

--Diploid 21:05, 20 April 2008 (UTC)


This extenion adds a few functions to mediawiki for the purpose of rendering tag clouds for articles in which each tag represents a category which the article is automatically added to:

  • {{#tagcloud:}} - creates a tag cloud for the article
  • {{#tagranking:}} - can be added to categories to add a dynamic ranking of articles tagged as the category



  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • MediaWiki 1.10 or greater
  • Meta Keywords Tag is optional but automatically adds
  • meta tags for each ATS tag


1) Download the latest version of ATSEdit

available below

2) insert the following line into your LocalSettings.php:Edit

require_once( "$IP/extensions/ATS/ATS.php" );

3) and move all files to:Edit

(Your Media Wiki Directory)\extensions\ATS

4) then go to ATS_Body.php and change:Edit

  • $dbuser - change to a mysql user with create, write, and read access to your mediawiki database
  • $dbpassword - change to the mysql user's password
  • $dbserver - make this your database server's domain name or IP
  • $dbname - make this your mediawiki database's name


Known ProblemsEdit

  • Page names containing certain characters will display log: error in red and not be editable (Overly strict anti-php injection character filter)
  • Some pages do not list in the categories they are tagged as and need to be tagged again before they appear (unknown cause)

To DoEdit

  • Clean Up the Code
  • Comment the Code
  • Make a Tag Management Special Page