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Deploy Wikidata Query Service to productionEdit


The data contained in Wikidata is vast, and being able to run arbitrary queries on that data is a natural and exciting application. To that end, Magnus Manske created Wikidata Query, which allows one to run queries on Wikidata. However, Wikidata Query is a proof of concept, and in order to deliver a more scalable query system, the Wikidata Query Service was built and is running in beta at


Allow users on our cluster to run arbitrary queries on the data contained in Wikidata by deploying the Wikidata Query Service.

Key resultsEdit

The key results that will evaluate the success of this work are:

  • Wikidata Query Service is deployed and usable from within our cluster.
  • Metrics for the usage of Wikidata Query Service will appear on the Discovery Department dashboards.