User:Deskana (WMF)/Priorities

This list is roughly ordered from top to bottom in decreasing order of priority. That said, triage dictates that I won't necessarily handle things in order of priority; something that is quick to do, is quite timely, and will lead to fairly immediate benefit, might get done before something that will take longer and is technically a higher priority.

All dates and times are British.

  • OAuth
  • OpenID
  • SUL finalisation
    • Chat with James to get the brief on SUL Yes Done
    • Contact about scripts to reduce clashes Yes Done
  • Search
    • Prioritisation
    • UX iterations
  • Changes feeds (RecentChanges/History/Watchlist)
  • Tool labs migration
  • Install my own copy of MediaWiki to mess around with (1% task) Yes Done
  • User preferences redesign (email from Jared 04/10/13)
    • Unsaved changes dialogue
  • Code repository for gadgets
    • High-level ideas about how a code repository can work {[done}}
  • Profile pictures
    • Central server for them other than Commons?