User:Dan-nl/Developing extensions for Wikimedia wikis

Below is a rough outline of the steps needed in order to deploy an extension onto a Wikimedia wiki[1].

Extension Development Process.png

Show community supportEdit

  • Show community support/desire for the extension to be deployed, if applicable

Community Support can be shown by having an active discussion on the need of the extension on a Wikiproject and document the responses. If there is no active community support, support can be build through discussions and proposals.

Request a component in BugzillaEdit

Create a tracking bugEdit

Once the new component in Bugzilla has been created, create a tracking bug for the deploy.

Create Extension: pageEdit

  • Create an Extension:<Your extension> page on

Create Help:Extension: pageEdit

  • Create a Help:Extension:<Your extension> on for the end user documentation

Get code in GerritEdit

Gerrit review(s)Edit

  • Request (and respond to) code review(s) in Gerrit, resulting in an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Depending on the complexity of the code this may go through several cycles of development before an MVP is ready.

Design/Implementation documentationEdit

Design reviewEdit

  • Request a design review, if applicable

Performance and Architecture reviewEdit

  • Request (and respond to) a performance/arch review

Security reviewEdit

  • Request (and respond to) a security review

Deploy to beta clusterEdit

Deploy to productionEdit