Enhancement to the Maintenance Script

In our continuous effort to improve Canasta, we have enhanced the maintenance script, significantly expanding the system's capabilities. Now, administrators can easily maintain all the wikis within the farm, thanks to the efficient integration of the maintenance operations.

With the advanced maintenance script, it's now possible to update extensions, manage users, or execute any regular maintenance tasks across all the wikis in the farm simultaneously. This substantially reduces the manual effort and the time required to maintain multiple wikis.

Adjustment to the Setting File Structure

We have made some significant alterations to the setting file structure to simplify management and improve overall system performance. These changes are focused on improving clarity, reducing complexity, and providing a more intuitive structure.

In this new structure, each wiki's settings file is contained within its own directory under the config directory. This ensures a clean, organized settings environment that is easy to manage and navigate. We've also transitioned from the previous 'Settings.php' to 'LocalSettings.php' for each individual wiki to provide a more clear demarcation of wiki-specific settings.

We believe this new structure will be much more manageable and will ultimately lead to a smoother experience for wiki farm administrators. However, we're open to feedback and suggestions on how we could improve this structure further.

Discussion on Naming Convention

As we continue refining Canasta's functionality, we want to ensure the chosen naming conventions make sense to our users. One of the main points of discussion is whether to retain 'CommonSettings.php' for the file containing shared settings for all wikis or to transition to 'LocalSettings.php'.

While 'CommonSettings.php' clearly denotes its function, 'LocalSettings.php' is a standard MediaWiki terminology that may make the system feel more familiar to those experienced with MediaWiki administration.

Your insights on this matter would be incredibly valuable to us. We'd like to know which naming convention you prefer, or if you have any alternative suggestions that could further enhance the system's intuitiveness and ease of use.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we continue to enhance Canasta. Your input has been instrumental in these improvements and we look forward to incorporating more of your suggestions in future updates.