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As a WMF Staffer
I want to use an IRC bouncer to connect to freenode
So I can stay in touch with community and co-workers.


Stalled Indefinitely
Ryan pointed out 2013-08-30 via IRC that something like this violates Terms of Use for Labs in several ways.
We discussed several possible changes to the proposed implementation but were unable to come up with something that would be assuredly secure.
Major issues were based on the need to keep freenode authentication information for each user on the host.


  • Establish a multi-user capable on a labs host.
  • Document use of BNC
  • Profit!!!!

Wish ListEdit

  • offline logging
  • ping notification
  • ???


Ubuntu 12.04Edit

sudo apt-get install znc/precise-backports znc-dbg/precise-backports \
    znc-dev/precise-backports znc-extra/precise-backports znc-perl/precise-backports \
    znc-python/precise-backports znc-tcl/precise-backports

Things to watch out forEdit

  • YuviPanda says:
    • don't bother trying to manage conf with puppet. Just let people use the web interface and the irc commands
    • need to control access to logs as they contain sensitive info