Note edit

  • Template:SettingSummary
    • /ja: {{#switch: ... | アクセス={{.../access categories}} | ... }}
    • /ja: <includeonly>{{If en|{{Template:SettingSummary|Lang code=en|En pagename={{PAGENAME}}|...}}|...}}<includeonly> ?
      • Not suitable. Need to handle all Template:SettingSummary normal argument.
    •   Done: Manual:$wgSiteNotice/es use en Template, resulting in en categories.
  • Implement page access restriction for specific namespace, by create separate wiki config having additional namespace (named "Restrict", for example), sharing the same database tables.
    •   Done: issue: page caching?
      • fix by using the same url, and change namespace setting when specific user log in.
    • issue: Restrict:Pagename are in Category:Catname, but the categories are shared. Restrict:Pagename link to Pagename --> whatlinkshere/Pagename?
    • issue: Will recent changes of Restrict namespace be shown in non-restricted wiki?
    • issue: The non-restricted wiki (having no namespace named "Restrict") may create the page exactly named "Restrict:..."
      • Prohibit the prefix "Restrict:" in non-restricted wiki?
  • even sysop, exporting the deleted page will get blank result (mw 1.14, 1.15.1)

TODO edit

  •   Done: optimize {{If en}} in Manual:Upgrading to/categories
  •   Done: fix Category:MediaWiki configuration settings x.xx