User:Aaron Schulz/todo

Here is my todo list. It may not be complete and is not in any particular order.

Code review edit

FlaggedRevs edit

  • Stuff in bugzilla :)
  • User:Krinkle/Extension_review/FlaggedRevs_(front-end)
  • decouple rc patrol crap from FR more
  • move autopromote to core and use hook/global for extensions
  • Fill in FR qqq msgs for translation
  • Pending Changes enwiki trial/NovemberReleaseDesignChanges
  • Make ajax review use API and remove dispatcher code?
  • Backport redir fix in r81810? wmf seems to work ok without it...not sure why.
  • statistics UI and DB tables rewrite (and show samplesize)
  • split up FR and pending changes
  • icon UI in core skins for FR
  • reject/unaccept button + tags (ackward since tags don't matter for those actions)
  • add querystable api
  • move diff ajax cap to core
  • rename problemchanges -> Special:TaggedPendingChanges
  • direct stable version ID to parsed stable html via api?