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I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a Bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. -- Winston Churchill

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If the--if he--if 'is' means is and never has been, that is not--that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement....Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true."

"President Dwight Eisenhower expressed astonishment and alarm on discovering that fully half of all Americans had below average intelligence."

Generally, the NCCAM has funded more than a decade’s worth of worthless studies, ideologically conceived, poorly designed, and whose results have been largely ignored (especially when negative). --Steven Novella, MD

"yey and did Fonzie downstairs cometh from his apartment above the garage, and

sayeth he, reassembleth will I the pieces of my motorcycle

though i suffereth from temporary blindness and

yey for i am holy, befriendeth i will Sticks Downey, the only negro in the state of wisconsin,

amen.. "

Observations edit

Notes on Parser.php edit

  • [21:15] <robchurch> Tim Starling did a major rewrite creating the skeleton of what we now call the "parser" a few years ago.
  • [21:16] <robchurch> Naturally, time and user demands called for this to have new things added, and I don't suppose it really occurred to anyone to write a formal spec.
  • [21:17] <robchurch> Now we're popular, and everyone wants to be able to use our content, and when they ask how to do it reliably, we're caught trousers down with our regexes hanging out.

Notes on extensions edit

Many core developers write extensions and have them peer reviewed. However, there are also many third party extension, some that are not hosted on the WikiMedia SVN site, some even with unprotected code on wiki pages. Be careful when installing such. Potential breakage (like DeleteUser and logs), security vulnerabilities like inefficient easy-to-DOS queries, poor default user permission settings, failure to escape inputted data by users when outputting as HTML (can cause JS injection), SQL injection and other such stuff is more likely to be present.

Also, instructions can be a bit unclear and confusing:

  • [22:38] <Tommy> How do i install Infobox? i tried the one on , but the SQL has error when i try input into database
  • [22:39] <Tommy> MySQL said: Documentation
  • [22:39] <Tommy> #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '{{{Schema}}}.`{{{tag}}}_infoboxdata` (
  • [22:39] <Tommy> `ib_from` int(8) unsigned NOT NULL def' at line 1
  • [22:39] <Simetrical> VoiceOfAll, LOL.

MediaWiki skins edit

link to a site with a sweet skin

  • [21:53] <RudyValencia> Why must MediaWiki's skinning system be so hard?

Sysadmins and Wikimedia servers edit

  • [23:28] <AaronSchulz> watches brion love the servers
  • [23:29] <brion> AaronSchulz: hey that's a private moment between a man and his machine
  • [23:30] <AaronSchulz> that's going on my userpage ;)
  • [05:09] <domas> brion can't kill me
  • [05:09] <domas> brion is too small

DB slaves edit

  • [07:07] <TimStarling> anyway, the general concept is that we don't show the user up-to-date information
  • ...
  • [07:08] <TimStarling> because that's expensive
  • [07:08] <domas> we don't show exact information either, sometimes
  • [07:08] <domas> and people get frustrated.
  • [07:08] <domas> actually, it can be just interface message changes
  • [07:08] <domas> "wait, calm down, get a coffee"
  • [07:08] <domas> this reminds me, I need to get a coffee

CSS edit

  • [21:04] <TimStarling> yes, well
  • [21:05] <TimStarling> CSS has a thing called specificity which means that if two rules apply to the same thing, the result is determined by a complex scoring algorithm that nobody can understand
  • [21:05] <TimStarling> and thus effectively random

Code documentation edit

[07:20] <TimStarling> I think brion has perfected the art of using jokes as a replacement for documentation:

Sysadmins edit

  • [03:37] <domas> the wikitech page is incorrect :)
  • [03:38] <domas> why are people so incompetent nowadays

Philosophy edit

[19:21] <brion> why humans so crazy [?]

Good bug report example edit

[23:00] <dcflashgames> hi... I cant get media wiki to work

Dorm life edit

  • [22:27] <AaronSchulz> ok, my dorm fire alarm sounding again
  • [22:27] AaronSchulz sighs
  • [22:28] <Scott5114> we had an evacuation a couple of weeks ago because some pot-smoker saw the RA and panicked and threw his joint in the trash can
  • [22:28] <Scott5114> the RA didn't see it, but the trash caught on fire
  • [22:29] <Scott5114> obviously, the guy was high, so the logical thing to do is throw the flaming trash can in the hallway

Arguments about code edit

  • [10:36] <Splarka> geez, you two are like Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne
  • [10:36] <Danny_B> :-)
  • [10:36] <Splarka> "Information is not lost" "yes it is" "no it isn't!"
  • [10:36] <AaronSchulz> :p
  • [10:36] <Splarka> or was it John Preskill

Football edit

[14:16] <brion> bunch of sweaty men wearing tights running around throwing a ball, hey, whatever works for ya ;)

Bots edit

  • [19:31] <codurr> reedy * <> /trunk/extensions/CodeReview/ui/ (CodeRevisionListView.php SpecialCode.php):
  • [19:31] <codurr> Revert r77839, tiny subtle change is subtle
  • [19:31] <codurr> $formatted = strval( $this->formatRevValue( $field, $value, $row ) );
  • [19:31] <codurr> !=
  • [19:31] <codurr> $formatted = strval( $this->formatValue( $field, $value, $row ) );
  • [19:31] <mw-bot> I don't know anything about "=". You might try: !anglebrackets !cookies !damneditcount !defaultsettings !domdocument !dpl !errors !g !googleit !iis !mw !mwbot !numberedparams !passwordsql !purge !smw !sqllog !tidyforidiots !upload !votes

Security via obscurity edit

  • Krinkle: TimStarling: 'live-1.5/fatal-ifjwghy9ibag.php' was created in 2007 afaik, any idea if it is still relevant? its keeping git status dirty. Would be nice if that '?' could find its way out of PS1 in my shel
  • Krinkle: (you own the file)
  • TimStarling:the filename is meant to be secret

Whining edit

  • [22:07] <TimStarling> MW was written by people who know CSS
  • [22:07] <guest2669> i don't want to take the time. i'm lazy.
  • [22:07] <guest2669> if that's the only then i will
  • [22:07] <TimStarling> not so lazy
  • [22:07] <TimStarling> you're prepared to moan for half an hour in this channel trying to get someone to help you
  • [22:08] <TimStarling> that takes commitment

Other edit

Deployment edit

aaron@fenari:~/mediawiki/maintenance$ scap
Checking syntax...
Error in /home/wikipedia/common/php-1.17/crap.php line 3: syntax error, unexpected $end
Found syntax errors, cannot sync

Wall time edit

  • [17:45] vvv wall clock is a real-world time, right?
  • [17:45] AaronSchulz yes
  • [17:45] TimStarling it's the kind of time that the clock on the wall shows

Off topic rambling edit

  • [20:08] Muhammad In the Name of God, the beneficent, the Merciful, all praise be to Allah, the lord of the Universe
  • [20:08] Muhammad O God hasten the arrival of the Mahdi and make us his followers
  • [20:08] Muhammad and bless those who attest of his righfulness.
  • [20:09] Carmela Muhammad: Did you have a question about MediaWiki?
  • [20:09] Muhammad Carmela, I am getting reports the Palestinian settle of Ramallah has been sieged
  • [20:10] Carmela Sounds like you may need to install the ParserFunctions extension.
  • [20:11] Muhammad ParserFunctions
  • [20:11] Muhammad ?
  • [20:11] Carmela Don't worry about it.

Task switching edit