I have a bachelor of science degree in Geology and Mineral Science and a post-graduate diploma in Applied Geophysics -Akeem Olajide Akanji, Geoscientist,

Companies and professional affiliationsEdit

• Jamydar Nigeria Limited

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists

Expertise I can offerEdit

•Geoscience data management (2D, 3D, Well data loading and QC)

•Seismic interpretation (Seisvision) in Landmarks Geographix and Petrel

•Time and depth mapping (GeoAtlas) in Landmarks Geographix and Petrel

•Well correlation (X-section) in Landmarks Geographix and Petrel

•Petrophysical evaluation (Prizm) in Landmarks Geographix

•Reservoir delineation and characterisation

•Generation of topographical maps and data plot using Surfer, Dipro, Grapher, Strater, Res2D, Winglink interpretative softwares

•Report writing

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