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Welcome to the desktop improvements project!Edit

We are combining best practices from web design with various improvements and gadgets community members have made to create an improved desktop skin for the Wikimedia projects. We believe this skin will be more welcoming and easier to use for readers and newcomers, as well as improving utility for contributors and experienced folks.

Learn more about the various improvements we've been working on:Edit


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Project goals & principlesEdit


  • Make the website more welcoming and easier to use for newcomers
  • Improve the utility of the website for contributors and experienced folks


  • Follow what the communities are already doing and build on top of it
  • Collaborate with experienced users and newcomers to ensure all changes benefit them
  • Evolutionary, not revolutionary
  • Do not touch the content
  • Maintain all functionality
  • Maintain the previous version of Vector for people who don't want to switch to the new skin

Finding a balanceEdit

The Wikimedia project websites support a diverse range of people and use cases. Some people are casual readers, some people are deep learners. Some people are just learning about our projects for the first time. Some people are contributors, some people are collaborators. Some people use our projects in several different languages. We are committed to supporting everyone in all of the different ways they use our websites.

from the simple... to the complex

Deployment plan and timelineEdit

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