Team Practices Group/2015 questions


My notes and the information I'm collecting are not anonymous or private by default, so they could show up in many places. If you want to tell me anything "on background", you are welcome to do so, and I can either take anonymized notes or take no notes at all. You can also change your mind after we communicate, although I may already have shared information so I can't always guarantee retroactive privacy. (need a very short version of this that informs but does not make a big deal of it)


2-5-1 storytelling

  • Two
    • Who you are
    • Summary of your experience
  • Five fingers
    • Little finger – what parts of the effort did not get enough attention
    • Ring finger – What relationships were formed, what you learned about relationship building
    • Middle finger – what you disliked, what/who made you frustrated
    • Pointer finger – what you would do better next time around, what you want to tell those who were “in charge” about what they could do better
    • Thumb (up) – what went well. What was good.
  • 1–the most important takeaway from the effort

how to success business processEdit

  1. Do you have any questions about what we're doing?
  2. What exactly do you do [on this team | in this role]?
    1. What does your day-to-day process look like?
    2. How do you track what you have to do, and find new tasks?
    3. What happens when you're done with a task?
    4. How do you communicate with other people on the team?
  3. What things tend to block you and slow you down?
    1. How included do you feel as a remote worker? (1=excluded; 10=included)
  4. What is essential to the things that work well
  5. (If we have time/if discussion is faltering) Is there anything else you want to teach me?
  6. Who else should I talk to?!