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UploadWizard is a multi-file, step-by-step JavaScript wizard to upload multimedia files to a MediaWiki website. Está disponível como um Extension:UploadWizard .


The Upload Wizard aims to make it easier to contribute multimedia works to Wikimedia projects.

This tool is widely used to upload images on Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository associated with Wikipedia; any media file shared on that site can be used in any Wikipedia page in any language. Wikimedia Commons is curated by a multilingual community. As of late 2023, it contains nearly 100 million files.

More details about the origins of this project can be found in the Upload Wizard archive page; instructions for reporting bugs and leaving feedback are located at Commons:Upload Wizard feedback.


Here are some of our goals for Upload Wizard:

  • engage more users to contribute media
  • provide a smoother experience for all
  • add more media content on our sites


Our primary users for Upload Wizard include:

  • new contributors
  • experienced contributors

We support both user groups equally, focusing both on Commons users and on contributors on Wikipedia and other sites. Note that you must be registered and logged in to use Upload Wizard.

We also aim to serve these secondary users:

  • editors
  • campaign organizers
  • developers

Current workflow

Here are the main steps of the current workflow for Upload Wizard:

  • Start - Click on the Upload link
  • Learn - Reading the help infographic, click 'Continue'
  • Upload - Select media files to upload, add more files if needed
  • Rights - Fill in author, source and license information
  • Describe - Fill in title, description, date or other info
  • Use - copy code to add images to articles or share them with others

Para ver como o Upload Wizard funciona atualmente, visite esta página (precisa estar logado).


We keep track of Upload Wizard bugs in the bug tracker.

Before 2014, many bugs have accumulated for this project, because Wikimedia Foundation did not have a dedicated team to address them. Now that the multimedia team has taken ownership of Upload Wizard, we will work diligently to fix the most important bugs first, then gradually resolve the rest of the relevant issues over time. Thanks for your patience and understanding :) If you find any technical bugs, please report them.


To be able to run UploadWizard, the user's browser must:

Otherwise, the standard MediaWiki file upload form is displayed.

Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.



Other tools

Besides Upload Wizard, other upload tools are available to users, which are tracked at commons:Commons:Upload tools.