Universal Language Selector/WebFonts/WebFonts Status

WebFonts were introduced for Wikimedia projects in 2011 to solve problems for some scripts where fonts were not available for most commonly used devices/operating systems, or the fonts were not recent enough to support the script fully.

With task T135465 and task T135464, we are reducing footprint of webfonts as most of languages are already supported by modern operating systems. Some fonts are now being investigated and updated or removed accordingly.

Fonts that are default for a language are usually not removed unless a font for it had become very common in all operating systems, and the font provided by Universal Language Selector doesn't provide value.

Fonts that are used in local styles on projects or fonts for rare and hard-to-support languages are not supposed to be removed.

WebFonts status in Universal Language Selector Extension edit

Language Code Language name Font Status Notes
he Hebrew Alef
Miriam CLM
Taamey Frank CLM Taamey Frank CLM is used in wikisource
yi Yiddish Alef
bug Buginese Saweri*
mak Makasar Saweri*
pal Middle Persian (Pahlavi) Shapour*
peo Old Persian Artaxerxes*
pa Punjabi Lohit Punjabi* Removed
lo Lao Phetsarath*
gu Gujarati Lohit Gujarati* Removed
hbo Ancient Hebrew Taamey Frank CLM* Taamey Frank CLM is used in wikisource
ahr Khandeshi (अहिराणी) Lohit Marathi* Removed
mr Marathi Lohit Marathi* Removed
ne Nepali Lohit Nepali* Removed
bh Bihari Lohit Devanagari* Removed
bho Bhojpuri Lohit Devanagari* Removed
gom Goan Konkani Lohit Devanagari* Removed
hi Hindi Lohit Devanagari* Removed
kok Konkani Lohit Devanagari* Removed
mai Maithili Lohit Devanagari* Removed
sa Sanskrit Lohit Devanagari* Removed
arc Aramaic Estrangelo Edessa*
East Syriac Adiabene
syc Syriac (ܣܘܪܝܝܐ) Estrangelo Edessa*
East Syriac Adiabene
or Odia Lohit Oriya* Removed
kn Kannada Lohit Kannada* Removed
ta Tamil Lohit Tamil Removed
Lohit Tamil Classical
tcy Tulu Lohit Kannada* Removed
te Telugu Lohit Telugu* Removed
saz Saurashtra (ꢱꣃꢬꢵꢯ꣄ꢡ꣄ꢬꢵ) Pagul*
km Khmer KhmerOSbattambang*
dv Divehi FreeFont-Thaana*
ii Sichuan Yi Nuosu SIL*
ml Malayalam AnjaliOldLipi Removed
my Burmese TharLon*
bn Bengali Siyam Rupali*
Lohit Bengali Removed
bpy Bishnupria Manipuri Siyam Rupali*
Lohit Bengali Removed
cr Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ) OskiEast*
am Amharic AbyssinicaSIL*
gez Ge'ez AbyssinicaSIL*
ti Tigrinya AbyssinicaSIL*
tig Tigre AbyssinicaSIL*
dz,bo and languages in Tibetan script Dzongkha, Standard Tibetan,… Jomolhari*
jv-java Javanese (ꦧꦱꦗꦮ) Tuladha Jejeg*
sux Sumerian Akkadian*
akk Akkadian Akkadian*
as Assamese Lohit Assamese Removed
cdo Min Dong Chinese CharisSIL
cy, en , id, ms, nl, sw, tl English and many other languages.. ComicNeue
nan Min nan Doulos SIL
grc Ancient Greek GentiumPlus
ur Urdu Hussaini Nastaleeq
fa Persian Iranian Sans
Iranian Serif
ang Old English Junicode
ckb Central Kurdish Lateef
si Sinhala lklug
su Sundanese NotoSansSundanese
en etc English and many other languages.. OpenDyslexic
iu Inuktitut OskiEast
bbc, btk Batak Pangururan
got Gothic Skeirs II
jv Javanese Tuladha Jejeg
- - RailwaySans Usage in css stylesheets etc
- - LinuxLibertine
- - UnifrakturMaguntia

* Default font

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