UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/28 Feb

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<heatherw> isn't the 9 tiles logo a little intricate?
<Amgine> I think so. I would expect the central tile - sorta wood like with red letter - would work well enough?
<Amgine> What do you think, dlemieux?
<dlemieux> The 9 tile would work well if it still looked decent at the small size
<dlemieux> I open to other options though
<Amgine> What is the size, in pixels, of the desktop app button?
<dlemieux> I believe we provide 36x36, 48x48, 72x72, and 96x96 pixel versions
<dlemieux> And the phone selects the best fit
<Amgine> ouch. 36x36 is tiny, twice the size of a favicon.
<Amgine> I definitely think the 9 tile will look awful at that size, but I think there was actually favicon designs done for the logo.
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<Amgine> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wiktfavicon_en.svg <- with incorrect w color
<dlemieux> Okay yeah, I just tried out resizing the icon and using it on my phone, it doesn't come out very well with all 9 tiles
<Amgine> (should be the WMF red color)
<heatherw> do you just want that with a new color?
<Amgine> I think the perspective view with the new color works for me, but I'm not a designer. I would have gone with a plain text W.
<Amgine> <- is lazy.
<dlemieux> That icon works for me
<dlemieux> Amgine, what about the icon that is inside the app beside the search bar?
<dlemieux> I think the perspective on the tile might look a little odd
<Amgine> That, of course, should not be the perspecitve view.
<Amgine> <nods> I agree with you. What size is that in the sprite sheet?
<dlemieux> i'll get that...
<dlemieux> i believe it uses 80x80
<dlemieux> and
<dlemieux> I think yuvi removed it from the sprite sheet so we don't have to deal with that anymore
<Amgine> <chuckles> SEP.
<Amgine> Okay, we should officially start this show.
<Amgine> ===== Begin Logging =====
<sheaclare> okey dokey
<Amgine> All right, yes it was reading week and you all went and had adventures. Anyone work on the app while away?
<dlemieux> negative
<sheaclare> i didn't work on it, but i tried out the code after patrick's commits
<dlemieux> sheaclare: does yours build properly? I updated today and my WiktionaryActivity.java file has a compile error
<sheaclare> i've got an error in my src folder from the upgrade of phone gap from 1.3.0 -> 1.4.1
<Amgine> better than me. 
<sheaclare> yeah, same
<sheaclare> it's from commit 4c03f6c806d39efc0890d7c5d51572a3a67559fd
<Amgine> Yuvipanda_ was working on that earlier for the wpM 1.1 beta
<yuvipanda_> heya sheaclare. 
<yuvipanda_> what error exactly did you get?
<sheaclare> GapView<Something> wasn't recognized as a class, and something else. Let me redo the change and I can tell you for sure
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare: hmm, are you using eclipse?
<dlemieux> public class WiktionaryWebViewClient extends GapViewClient
<yuvipanda_> ah
<dlemieux> GapViewClient is not recognized
<yuvipanda_> right
<sheaclare> That's right - I'm in eclipse
<yuvipanda_> that code needst to go.
<yuvipanda_> it's no longer needed :)
<dlemieux> this.webViewClient = new WiktionaryWebViewClient(this);
<dlemieux> Description Resource Path Location Type
<dlemieux> Type mismatch: cannot convert from WiktionaryActivity.WiktionaryWebViewClient to WebViewClient
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare: you can look at the code in WikipediaActivity.java
<sheaclare> yeah same
<yuvipanda_> that code is all removable
<sheaclare> ok. 
<sheaclare> are we going to get rid of the entire class or just empty it out?
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare: mostly empty it out except for a few lines
<yuvipanda_> check the WikipediaActivity class in the main repo
<yuvipanda_> should be fairly straightforward
<sheaclare> awesome. can do!
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare: :D
<Amgine> Okay, just got more logo feedback: is it possible to localize the button? because for the cyrillic alphabet users it should be the V, chinese have a character selected, etc.
<Amgine> All right. I think we should look at who is doing what for now.
<Amgine> Plus my announcements... 
<Amgine> First, we have bugzilla tools.
<sheaclare> nice
<Amgine> So I would like someone to volunteer to move all our features, etc., into bugzilla.
<sheaclare> I can do that!
<Amgine> Perfect! Hexmode is the bugmeister, so we can talk with him about how best to format, etc.
<heatherw> if they have their own symbol they should be able to substitute if i give you an SVG
<yuvipanda_> localizing app icon?
<Amgine> heatherw: the localization is done on the phone itself; do you know if we can doe the localization there?
<Amgine> that's the question yuvipanda_who_has_just_shipped.
<dlemieux> we may be able to localize the app icon, I am looking into that now
<dlemieux> It seems it may be possible though
<heatherw> i don't really know, i can give you an icon with nothing on it but that doesn't mean the text will look nice.
<Amgine> yah... <sad face>
<yuvipanda_> we are able to, but not sure if it's worth the pain
<yuvipanda_> plus if you are going to take svg and dynamically render stuff on top of it...
<yuvipanda_> pain
<yuvipanda_> :)
<yuvipanda_> android icons for the system go from different place and a different mechanism than icons used in the app
<Amgine> clearly you have never discussed character/symbols with wiktionarians if you think merely doin localization would be painful.
<yuvipanda_> so two codebases of quite some difficulty
<yuvipanda_> Amgine: true, so the solution is I guess to not make it localizable? :P
<Amgine> and somehow create a logo indicating all writing systems while choosing none of them.
<Amgine> Okay, moving on then. What is left on the todo list?
<sheaclare> you mean here: http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Wiktionary_Mobile/v0.1/Alpha_ToDo ?
<Amgine> vera nice, sheaclare! hadn't seen that.
<sheaclare> No problemo!
<sheaclare> Item 3 mentions that we should confirm bugs on the "Features" page, and I think we should also confirm the rest of the page before we port it to Bugzilla
<Amgine> <nods>
<sheaclare> I can't replicate the '"Settings" screen not working' bug and I "History/Recently Viewed" is a feature we've already got
<Amgine> Okay, when was the settings bug added? <looks>
<dlemieux> I just removed two of the bugs that were fixed
<dlemieux> I can't verify any of the bugs though since the project doesn't build
<sheaclare> ok. I've done the chop-chop fix that yuvipanda_ asked for and I can put in a pull request in just a second.
<sheaclare> that should get things building for you.
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare: test it out :)
<sheaclare> As far as testing goes, there's a complication:
<Amgine> Two questions, yuvipanda: what IDE are you using, and will it build at all with OpenJDK 6?
<Amgine> (Sun isn't on this platform)
<sheaclare> I noticed another bug in the current build that exists regardless of whether I make it build by downgrading phone gap to 1.3.0 or remove a bunch of code from WiktionaryActivity
<sheaclare> I'm not sure when it was introduced, but when the menu first slides up after launching the app, the icons/text of the buttons mixed up. 
<sheaclare> The locations still map to the same functions, but it looks like a different button
<sheaclare> So I'm not sure whether that constitutes a fail of the chop-chop WiktionaryActivity fix, or some commit over the past week
<Amgine> Create a bug report first.
<Amgine> jeebus, 24 new...
<yuvipanda_> Amgine: i use vim :)
<Amgine> You are far too young to be so evil.
<yuvipanda_> sheaclare:  it was a commit that broke it (an iOS related commit). A later commit fixed it
<yuvipanda_> Amgine: ok, older person :)
<sheaclare> yuvipanda_ I still have it broken and my code is up to date
<Amgine> It is fixed upstream, sheaclare, and the repo needs to be updated.
<sheaclare> Amgine: yuvipanda_ ok, great.
<Amgine> Do you have upstream set in your git?
<sheaclare> my upstream is set to the wikimedia/WiktionaryMobile repo
<sheaclare> and I've fetched/merged with that just a few minutes ago
<Amgine> You should ask patrick for the cantrip he had us use which sets our repos to pull the changes from wikipedia mobile.
<Amgine> So we can keep our locals current with the upstream changes.
<dlemieux> I believe mine too points to WiktionaryMobile
<Amgine> <hmms>
<sheaclare> Amgine: that is to say: your remote upstream pointed to WikipediaMobile?
<Amgine> It did, before it got wiped.
<Amgine> I'm rebuilding.
<sheaclare> Amgine: Yeah, I'll definitely have to ask Patrick about that, then.
<sheaclare> In the meantime, testing the removal of the WiktionaryActivity.java code is not practical, because of the button-remapping bug. 
<Amgine> sheaclare: We'll need to talk to patrick then, asap. He will likely be on IRC in about 2 hours.
<sheaclare> Gotcha!
<dlemieux> If we pointed at Wikipedia as an upstream, their commits would generally not work
<dlemieux> Since the work Wikipedia will appear in them
<Amgine> dlemieux: I just realized I was stupid and allowed feature creep back into the discussion. Stop looking for the button localization: we're on feature freeze.
<dlemieux> haha oka
<Amgine> It's *hard* not working on new things...
<dlemieux> lol
<Amgine> okay, we should focus on getting the graphics stuff done. The file not found screen, for example?
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<Amgine> the devil!
<sheaclare> hi pfhayes 
<pfhayes> hello
<pfhayes> i am finished my class
<sheaclare> Nice. We had a couple of git questions for you
<Amgine> <nods>
<pfhayes> sure
<sheaclare> 1) Amgine mentioned you showed him a trick to get his remote upstream to point to WikipediaMobile rather than WiktionaryMobile so he could pull upstream changes. 
<sheaclare> Well… I guess that's the only question for now, depending on your answer
<pfhayes> his upstream should point to WiktionaryMobile
<sheaclare> Ok then. In that case:
<pfhayes> if you want to contribute changes to WIkipediaMobile, then make a new fork of that
<sheaclare> Can we pull some changes from WikipediaMobile? There's a fix up there that we need apparently.
<pfhayes> yeah no problem
<pfhayes> i'll do that right now
<sheaclare> Thanks, man!
<sheaclare> brb
<pfhayes> done
<sheaclare> right on.
<pfhayes> anything else?
<sheaclare> I think that was it...
<sheaclare> So my buttons are back to normal (which was the fix we needed).
<sheaclare> I'm just going to do a little testeroo before I put in a pull request
<sheaclare> pfhayes: We were talking earlier that dlemieux and I had broken builds from a recent commit.
<pfhayes> what was the problem? couldn't compile?
<sheaclare> yuvipanda_: told us to solve it by chopping some dead code from WiktionaryActivity.java
<sheaclare> I'm just confirming that that doesn't create new problems, but it does solve the build issue
<sheaclare> pfhayes: right, couldn't compile
<Amgine> <nods> 1.1 beta was just released, during our standup.
<pfhayes> does it build now though?
<dlemieux> Nope
<dlemieux> Not without the commit sheaclare is working on
<pfhayes> oh okay
<pfhayes> yeah i see it too. sheaclare push that change when you're done
<sheaclare> Word of the day button is broken.
<Amgine> But you compile now?
<sheaclare> yup it compiles now
<Amgine> push it...
<Amgine> oh, earworm.
<sheaclare> Ok, I'll put in a pull request and create a bug report
<sheaclare> Listen In is busted and also generating the same logcat msg
<pfhayes> what's the error?
<sheaclare> 02-28 15:45:38.215: E/Web Console(929): TypeError: Result of expression 'this.triggers[action]' [undefined] is not an object. at file:///android_asset/www/android/plugins/menu/menu.android.js:86
<sheaclare> pull request sent
<pfhayes> dlemieux: https://github.com/wikimedia/WiktionaryMobile/pull/8/files
<pfhayes> this kills your "Share" code, doesn't it?
<pfhayes> is that what we want?
<dlemieux> that's what i've been thinking lol, i'm checking it now
<dlemieux> sheaclare: we need 29-51
<dlemieux> and use 51 instead of the new super.loadUrl line you created
<dlemieux> (it will also need to keep those import statements as well)
<pfhayes> sheaclare: the reason for the listen in bug is because listen in isn't listed in the menu_handlers in line 137 of android/platform.js
<sheaclare> dlemieux: somehow the Share item in the menu still causes the appropriate window to pop up
<pfhayes> did  you rebuild and load the new code?
<dlemieux> the code that was removed was the feature allowing other apps to open ours
<sheaclare> the emulator has never been a good way for me to test Share, so I can't say if it's broken some time after that
<sheaclare> ok, I see.
<sheaclare> I'll make a better fix.
<dlemieux> sheaclare: i'll do it
<sheaclare> ok.
<sheaclare> well… actually, if it's all the same to you, I'd like to give it another shot. 
<dlemieux> Sure, there's just an extra change to make in the manifest file
<sheaclare> I haven't really contributed a whole lot so far...
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<sheaclare> ok, I wouldn't have noticed that. :)
<dlemieux> no worries, i'll send you a message about the 5 lines that need to be removed
<sheaclare> Don't worry, dlemieux - go ahead! 
<sheaclare> :)
<sheaclare> I think it would be easier for you to just fix it 
<pfhayes> dlemieux: what is the status of that outstanding pull requests of yours? can it be merged? are there still changes to make or can it be deleted?
<dlemieux> I don't see any outstanding pull requests on my github
<dlemieux> oh there it is
<dlemieux> We don't know about that one yet
<pfhayes> okay
<dlemieux> Amgine: it is about the icon beside the search bar
<dlemieux> So will i be able to submit a new pull request if that one is open?
<Amgine> Honestly, I don't know. I've used git on this project only.
<dlemieux> Okay so it merged the two pull requests
<dlemieux> https://github.com/wikimedia/WiktionaryMobile/pull/3/files
<pfhayes> just saw that
<dlemieux> I would say that we accept it, so the project compiles
<pfhayes> you have to make a new branch and submit the pull request from there
<dlemieux> and if we want a new logo we can further change it, because the current logo is Wikipedia so this is definitely an improvement
<pfhayes> do you know how to push your local branches to github?
<dlemieux> nope
<pfhayes> make the branch locally, say it's called branchx
<pfhayes> make it have all the code you want
<pfhayes> and then do 'git push origin remotebranch:branchx'
<pfhayes> and that will make a new branch on github called 'remotebranch'
<pfhayes> with the content from branch x
<Amgine> How we make a local branchx?
<pfhayes> and then, on github you can select that branch and submit a pull request
<Amgine> do
<pfhayes> git co -b branchx
<pfhayes> makes a new branch called branchx
<pfhayes> sorry, git checkout -b branchx
<Amgine> <nods> Just found documentation like that.
<pfhayes> and then to switch branches, use git checkout branchname
<pfhayes> remember that when you make a new branch, you're branching off of the branch you have checked out
<pfhayes> you want to have a master branch, and then for new features/fixes, make a new branch for that feature
<pfhayes> and create your new branches off of master
<dlemieux> okay so now i just need to know how you remove a commit from a branch
<dlemieux> because my branch has the same search bar icon commit that I am trying to avoid
<pfhayes> I think you can do it with git rebase
<pfhayes> git rebase -i
<dlemieux> git rebase -i is opening a file that only says "noop" instead of listing out my commits, i'm currently trying to find out why
<pfhayes> you might need to do either git cherry-pick, or specify explicitly what you're rebasing onto
<pfhayes> i would try the rebase option first
<pfhayes> like rebase onto HEAD or upstream
<dlemieux> hmm, this is proving to be much more difficult than I hoped
<dlemieux> If we are okay with that icon in the search bar then I would say we accept that pull request
<pfhayes> fine with me
<pfhayes> any objections? sheaclare Amgine?
<sheaclare> pfhayes None from me!
<Amgine> None here.
<pfhayes> okay it's merged
<pfhayes> dlemieux can you pull the upstream and make sure everything works?
<pfhayes> as far as the listen-in bug, we should get tony to fix that. i'll send him an email
<Amgine> He was online before the meeting.
<dlemieux> It is working for me :)
<Amgine> We need to get him onto a chat client.
<Amgine> \o/
<pfhayes> dlemieux have you done a pull from upstream?
<dlemieux> yeah
<Amgine> Did you see Dmcdevit's comment, dale?
<dlemieux> i don't see a dmcdevit in my git log
<Amgine> <laughing> No, in irc, in #Wiktionary.
<dlemieux> oh, comment lol (not commit)
<Amgine> <Dmcdevit> Amgine: Oh God, a scrabble favicon? :-(
<Amgine> <gg> In wiktionary-land, there is no such thing as consensus other than "we all hate that idea"
<dlemieux> Amgine: I'm not quite sure how to respond to his comment, has anyone suggested a new icon
<Amgine> No. That's why we're going ahead with it.
<Amgine> Also, the English wiktionary is the one which has the problem with the icon. Most of the other languages like it.
<dlemieux> So which icon is this...just to be clear
<dlemieux> the new one you had heather putting a red W on?
<dlemieux> (Unfortunately I need to leave around 8, just as a heads up)
<dlemieux> and by 8 i mean around 15 minutes
<Amgine> Yes
<Amgine> The favicon svg is small enough, and simple enough, to work well.
<dlemieux> So will heather be sending that to us when it is ready?
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<TonyC_> hey guys
<pfhayes> hi
<Amgine> Heya!
<dlemieux> hey TonyC_ !
<pfhayes> so we don't know when this bug started happening, it might be recent from a merge
<pfhayes> i think they changed how they handle menus upstream
<pfhayes> but if you can fix that, it should just be a matter of tying it back into menu_handlers, and submit a pull request, that would be great
<Amgine> Well, we could ask heatherw that question. When xe notices the ping xe can leave a message here.
<sheaclare> I've been trying to get Word of the Day back up and running and it's nontrivial
<pfhayes> what's the problem?
<pfhayes> if you think they have the same cause then you guys should work together on that
<pfhayes> it looked to me like it had just been removed from menu_handlers
<TonyC_> what errors do you get?
<pfhayes> sheaclare would know
<sheaclare> logcat spits out "DISABLED" from AppMenu.java
<TonyC_> hmm we never touched appMenu.java
<sheaclare> But it also does that when I use the "Settings" menu option which works perfectly. Then *after* I've set the language to English from English, Word of the Day loads as usual… and logcat tells me "DISABLED" some more 
<heatherw> Amgine: yes?
<Amgine> <waves> Question raised: when/how will we get the silly icon?
<heatherw> you want the existing tile in perspective with a red w Amgine ?
<Amgine> Yes. 
<heatherw> i can do that tonight and post it? email it?/
<Amgine> amgine@wikimedians.ca
<Amgine> Or post to commons?
<dlemieux> heatherw: what is the best way to get it resized in the 5 or 6 different sizes we need?
<heatherw> an svg doesn't have a size, so you want png?
<dlemieux> yes, a png would be perfect
<Amgine> svg if can be used in the sprite.
<heatherw> i don't even know
<Amgine> dlemieux: if it is on commons, I can show you a trick to get a .png of any size you want.
<heatherw> send me an email with the sizes? hwalls@wikimedia.org
<dlemieux> Great! Thanks Amgine!
<heatherw> or not
<heatherw> you decide
<heatherw> do you need the sizes from me if you can get them off of commons?
<dlemieux> I can do it myself :) but I sent you the email in case you were interested.
<sheaclare> Can someone who's got the latest version of the codebase try something for me?
<heatherw> thanks :)
<Amgine> <sigh> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wiktionary-iphone_logo.png <- apparently a previous effort.
<sheaclare> I'm still getting that button-remap bug, but I've fetched and merged all the changes
<pfhayes> so what do we still need to do before alpha?
<Amgine> Move stuff to bugzilla, Shea has a great page on the alpha too.
<Amgine> TonyC_: http://xchat.org/ <- easy to use windows IRC client.
<heatherw> i can upload to bugzilla also, if there is a bug for the logo and you want to add me Amgine and dlemieux 
<Amgine> Create bugs for current problems, and get the repo back to compiling.
<TonyC_> the problem is im always on school computers and they dont let me install things
<dlemieux> The repo should compile now
<Amgine> We just got bugzilla heatherw, but if dlemieux can quick create one and add both of us to it...
<sheaclare> Amgine: So I should chat with hexmode about the best way to migrate all our stuff to the repo?
<Amgine> TonyC_: kk. 
<Amgine> sheaclare: Let me ask if he's available.
<sheaclare> Sure.
<dlemieux> Amgine: I don't see how to assign people to a bug
<dlemieux> But I filed one for the logo
<Amgine> dlemieux: not assign, add as CC
<Amgine> What's the bug #
<dlemieux> 34786
<Amgine> oh, cool! I didn't know you were staff, heatherw!
<heatherw> heh :)
<heatherw> sort of 
<Amgine> CC'd you on the bug.
<Amgine> sheaclare: hexmode is away.
<sheaclare> Amgine: ok
<TonyC_> ok so i *think* i got listen-in back working
<TonyC_> shea i can have a look at WOTD if you want
<heatherw> got it
<pfhayes> great once they are both going submit a pull request
<Amgine> Looking for a good tutorial or available mentor, sheaclare.
<sheaclare> No worries, TonyC_ - I'll dispatch that sucka. 
<Amgine> sheaclare: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Bugzilla <- is much nicer than it used to be.
<sheaclare> Awesome!
<pfhayes> okay i need to head out
<sheaclare> Yeah, I've got to jet as well
<pfhayes> see you guys
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<sheaclare> Amgine: but that tutorial looks like it'll give me lots to chew on
<sheaclare> :)
<Amgine> Great!
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<Amgine> I need to make supper, too.
<TonyC_> oh, when are the meetings these days? i was on earlier
<Amgine> TonyC_: we need to get you an operating system on a stick. 
<Amgine> Yah, I saw you, tried to get your attention.
<Amgine> Tuesday at 2030 UTC, Friday at 1800 UTC.
<TonyC_> i need a new laptop haha
<Amgine> Heh. That hd I dropped at the code sprint died the next day, and I just saved up enough to replace it.
<Amgine> Rubberized one, so it will bounce next time.
<TonyC_> nice!
<sheaclare> Amgine: haha
<Amgine> maybe. We'll see... <breaks a lot of gear>
<TonyC_> does the menu items get completely rearranged every once in a while for you guys?
<Amgine> I haven't gotten Eclipse working again yet.
<sheaclare> TonyC_: Yeah
<sheaclare> We did a pull from WikipediaMobile that we thought would fix it, but it persists
<sheaclare> I'll make a bug for it
<TonyC_> i wish i knew why they decided to re-do the menus
<TonyC_> it was okay before
<sheaclare> Alright, you all! I've got to fly