UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/23 Mar

<dlemieux> Okay so for my update there isn't really anything new, which is frustrating.
<sheac> I see...
<dlemieux> The heatherw and I are waiting to redo the logo. I don't want to keep making her waste work so I wanted Amgine's feedback.
<dlemieux> And then I was hoping to hear how your feature was going.
<dlemieux> I saw the threads after the Android 4 problem
<dlemieux> I started looking at that but then TonyC found the issue!
<sheac> On that note - thanks for letting me handle the Share Page bug! In case you're looking for something to tackle, have you considered that list of things Tony mentioned in he-and-Patrick's email thread?
<dlemieux> Which email was that?
<sheac> Haha there was a super long one between the two of them that I didn't get until Tony CC'ed us to say he found the duplicate div.
<sheac> Let me grab the list
<sheac> This is in an email from Tony to Patrick:
<sheac> As an aside, There are two more bugs I found now that the app actually does things. "select text" does nothing and "forward" is permanently disabled. From the latest build of Wikipedia, it seems they have the exact same bugs in android 4 so its not just us this time. I'll be asking around to see if they know whats going on.
<dlemieux> Okay ya, I'm looking at that email now. Definitely sounds like it needs to be looked into.
<sheac> Agreed!
<dlemieux> I guess you're up.
<sheac> Here goes:
<sheac> So I managed to make it so our app doesn't appear among the list of apps to share to.
<sheac> There are a couple of reasons why I haven't set up a pull request yet:
<sheac> 1) I just wanted to make certain that everyone thinks this is the proper solution. Mainly, it doesn't stop Wikipedia from showing up. I don't think that's a problem.
<sheac> But you were mentioning last time that when Wikipedia is selected to share to, it breaks because of case differences and so on
<sheac> But in my opinion, if Wikipedia is going to handle a share intent, it should run a search for the term, rather than simple try to load the URL.
<sheac> I was going to ask for feedback on that one, though.
<dlemieux> okay so, your things just stops wiktionary from showing up, right?
<dlemieux> That is definitely good
<sheac> 2) The second reason I haven't set up a pull request is I stil have to create a custom dialog in order to allow application icons to be displayed beside the application names in the list of applications.
<sheac> Currently the eliegible applications show up, but their icons are absent.
<dlemieux> oh okay
<sheac> Yes - my thing just stops wiktionary from showing up
<dlemieux> How did you make that by the way? Is there a way to ask the system which apps are available?
<sheac> Yeah, this is the line of code I used:
<sheac> List<ResolveInfo> candidates = ctx.getPackageManager().queryIntentActivities(intent, 0);
<sheac> I'll push this to a branch in a second so you can have a look. 
* Notify: sumanah is online (FreeNode).
<sheac> It felt a little involved, considering how simple a task we wanted to do.
<dlemieux> So this is all android specific for now right?
<sheac> Yeah, this is all in a plugin in our src/org/wiktionary folder
<dlemieux> okay
<sheac> Since we were no longer using any code specific to the com.schaul plugin, I moved it to our wiktionary folder and removed references to taht
<sheac> So that's all for me.
<sheac> One question about the meeting Tuesday: 
<dlemieux> yeah lol
<sheac> I thought that was supposed to be 14:30 PST, but Patrick sent out an email asking if everyone was going to be there at 14:00 EST… am I out of the loop? haha
<dlemieux> ya, so it's really weird
<dlemieux> I have written down that it used to be at 14:30PST, but then when I can back from reading week I think they started doing it at 14EST
<dlemieux> So I believe it is now set to be at 14:00 EST
<dlemieux> event thought patrick and I have class during it...
<dlemieux> Do you have a conflict with that time as well?
<sheac> No - no conflict, I just had no idea we'd switched it!
<sheac> I'd been showing up at the old time
<dlemieux> Haha yeah I guess we did, so I hope to see you Tuesday!
<dlemieux> Sorry about that!
<sheac> Ok, that works for me!
<sheac> But what about your scheduling conflict?
<dlemieux> Well for now Patrick brings his laptop
<dlemieux> So we still participate, but the first 20 minutes is a little more difficult
<dlemieux> and then we just sit in the back of the empty classroom as we finish the meeting
<dlemieux> In practice, it has actually been working out just fine.
<sheac> Cool!