UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/17 Apr

<sheac> yeah… that last one took a lot out of me as well. it's like an episode of the twilight zone
<sheac> i can go. mine won't be very long
<sheac> What I've done since Friday is happily receive heatherw's new icon sizes and put them in their appropriate positions
<sheac> What I was going to ask about was our error page:
<heatherw> :) i would like to see sheac 
<sheac> heatherw: I'll grab them in just a second...
<sheac> but what I wanted to ask was, do we want to replace the scrabble tile image with heather's  low-key, grey-scale style version of the icon?
<sheac> I was just gonna get an opinion before I went ahead and swapped them
<tonyC_> i guess we can swap them for consistency
<tonyC_> though the tiles did look good there
<Amgine_> In the version I installed, the tile isn't visible anywhere? Where is the tile still used?
<sheac> i think it's a cool way to communicae confusion/404-error, but it's really tied to the tile motif, I feel
<pfhayes> Amgine_: on a error/404 page
<Amgine_> Oh, the error page.
<Amgine_> nm
<sheac> I'll post a screenshot as soon as my emulator loads
<pfhayes> the image doesn't matter to me. the new icon would be more localizable though
<sheac> Tell you guys what, I'll send out two pictures comparing the before-swap and after-swap. We can try and take a poll in that email thread. Sound good?
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<Amgine_> Works
<Amgine_> Anything else, Shea?
<sheac> nope, that's all.
<Amgine_> Cool. Who's next?
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<pfhayes> i'll go
<pfhayes> i made a few fixes with the application intents. there was a bug with search from outside the app not working correctly, now it's fixed
<pfhayes> also, opening urls from outside the app didn't work properly, now it does
<pfhayes> there was also a problem with mobile urls vs. regular urls. opening 'http://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/dale' would work, but not 'http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dale'
<Amgine_> How did you resolve that?
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: I submitted a pull request fixing this issue to WikipediaMobile. did you get a chance to see it? also, you might not need it anymore after you switch to the api method for requesting pages
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<pfhayes> Amgine_: when you try to load a non-mobile page, it normalizes the url to the mobile version
<Amgine_> ah... 
<Amgine_> only for wiktionary.org?
<pfhayes> well, in theory this issue would get seen on all sites. wikipedia.org is the only site that automatically redirects to the mobile version, so it wasn't seeing this issue. that's why i submitted the pull request upstream
<pfhayes> i also fixed the bug with sharing words not working on 4.0
<YuviPanda> pfhayes: this one?
<YuviPanda> https://github.com/wikimedia/WikipediaMobile/pull/209
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: yup
<YuviPanda> pfhayes: it will be mostly obsolete when we move to the API, which should happen in the next few hours
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: I see
<Amgine_> <wince>
<pfhayes> fair enough, I merged it into our v1.0.1 branch anyway
<YuviPanda> pfhayes: it's just about 75 commits that'll merge into master in a while :)
<Amgine_> We'll need to talk about that after standups then.
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: looking forward to resolving those merge conflicts >.<
<YuviPanda> :D
<pfhayes> i also made a change to the error pages, so that they state the name of the page you were trying to search for. YuviPanda, I also submitted that pull request to WIkipediaMobile
<YuviPanda> pfhayes: i'll pull that in after i get the error pages work in the api branch.
<YuviPanda> pulling anything in right now would be useless :)
<pfhayes> okay
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: did you get a chance to look at that galaxy nexus fix i submitted?
<YuviPanda> pfhayes: yes. Feel free to include that in the wiktionary app - it looks okay to me
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: cool
<YuviPanda> but - with the API move come new styles which don't have this issue :D
<pfhayes> YuviPanda: cool :)
<pfhayes> alright, that's it from me then
<sheac> pfhayes: man - great job!
<Amgine_> <nods> pfhayes also did some troubleshooting with a bug that came up from an HTC using 2.2.
<Amgine_> But, tonyC_: you're up?
<pfhayes> right, tonyC_ I sent you that bug. it looks pretty nasty, i don't know if that's even anything we can fix
<tonyC_> is that the audio bug?
<pfhayes> tonyC_: yeah
<tonyC_> i looked at that this morning uggghhhh...it seems its android 2.2 not being able to handle an audio stream
<Amgine_> Not sure it's something we should focus a lot of attention on, either, as it's device specific with a very old OS. Yah.
<tonyC_> but it does hard-crash the app...now that i have a cool way of finding android version we could disable that too :)
<Amgine_> <nods> YuviPanda: there's a site listing market share of Android versions... do you remember what the url is?
<YuviPanda> Amgine_: I believe Mr. Google can help you with that
<tonyC_> this week ive been getting the select-text disabled for newer android versions, thanks to pfhayes im pretty sure its working now
<Amgine_> Mr Google hates me this morning.
<pfhayes> tonyC_: saw that, looks great
<tonyC_> also i got a notification up when there is no audio to play
<Amgine_> https://developer.android.com/resources/dashboard/platform-versions.html
<Amgine_> Is that in the current master?
<tonyC_> i think someone mentioned that it needs to be localized? i just wrote "audio unavailable for this page""
<Amgine_> Yes, it will need to be added to the messages, so it can be localized.
<tonyC_> Amgine: I think pfhayes just merged the first one
<pfhayes> tonyC_: yeah, I'm merging the select text issue now
<tonyC_> whats the decision for that android 2.2 bug?
<pfhayes> tonyC_: I think if you can get a real fix, that would be impressive. if not, we might just have to disable listen in for 2.2 =s
<tonyC_> looks like 1/4 users still use it :)
<Amgine_> 23.1% of the current market is still on Froyo.
<pfhayes> Amgine_: ick
<tonyC_> ill keep looking at it
<Amgine_> <nods> At the least we will need a graceful fail.
<Amgine_> "Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Android < 2.3" or similar?
<Amgine_> or just leave it greyed out.
<tonyC_> yeah...unfortunatly not even phonegap is accounting for the error because we arent getting the error callback
<pfhayes> Amgine_: I don't think we should even show the button if the user won't ever be able to click it
<Amgine_> A bug should be filed with phonegap, TonyC_
<tonyC_> do we have a 6th putton to fill its place if i remove it?
<pfhayes> it's not like disabling it for certain pages - if the user won't ever be able to get it to work on their phone, we don't want to taunt them with the button
<Amgine_> pfhayes: to maintain similar button layout with WP app/MW mobile framework, we should leave the sound there./
<pfhayes> Amgine_: we can move another button to it's place
<pfhayes> history or word of the day or something
<Amgine_> What do you think, YuviPanda? lookandfeel or UX wins?
<tonyC_> we even have a history icon already so that would be easy
<YuviPanda> i'll note that we're two releases behind
<YuviPanda> in terms of phonegap
<Amgine_> But again, this is an old OS issue, and we don't want to spend a lot of effort on it because it will never be a growing part of our market.
<YuviPanda> but their new releases are so damn buggy that we're staying off them for a while
<Amgine_> History would work for me, tonyC_
<Amgine_> WOTD would also be cool, as it would be contextual to Wiktionary.
<Amgine_> (and we already did the work on that)
<tonyC_> sounds good
<tonyC_> if we can get an icon for word of the day 
<Amgine_> heh.
<sheac> Nice. Promotion to top-level menu. It's the 'little feature that could'
<pfhayes> tonyC_: we can also use history, because we already have an icon for that :)
<sheac> However, I have to agree with pfhayes' logic
<sheac> We want an icon, I think.
<pfhayes> tonyC_: did you take a look at this for the device version? http://docs.phonegap.com/en/1.0.0/phonegap_device_device.md.html
<tonyC_> i didnt see that...would have saved some trouble
<tonyC_> do you want that changed over? I'm not sure what difference it would make
<Amgine_> https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/File:Writing_star.svg <- this is the image currently used to indicate WOTD on the wiki. It has a lot of detail, and would need to be monochromed.
<Amgine_> heatherw: possible, or not?
<sheac> Amgine_: If we were thinking of a WOTD icon, I'd suggest a house, since it's our home page
<sheac> I think those can be gathered pretty much for free online
<Amgine_> <nods> We have quite a number of those on commons already, too.
<sheac> I can get that done if it's what we want to do.
<sheac> oh… or the smarter, easier way.
<Amgine_> Maybe smarter easier for now?
<Amgine_> we can revisit during the summer push.
<tonyC_> i think a calendar would be more appropriate
<Amgine_> <nods>
<pfhayes> tonyC_: I think if you add in the code to disable listen in on 2.2, you might as well migrate over to the phonegap device version. that way we can keep it simple as we need to add more checks on different OSes
<tonyC_> true. I'll be on that then
<tonyC_> thats it for me
<Amgine_> Okay. I ambushed about 10 people to dl, test the apk. Only one major issue was noted - the audio bug.
<pfhayes> awesome!
<tonyC_> is that the only thing holding us back from release?
<pfhayes> i was going to raise some issues about share… but dlemieux isn't here =(
<Amgine_> I believe that's the only major blocker I know of. Even share may not be a blocker.
<Amgine_> Also, pfhayes has a standing invite to do a lightning talk on the app at Wikimania in DC.
<pfhayes> oh
<pfhayes> well that's pretty cool
<pfhayes> Amgine_: who can I talk to about that?
<tonyC_> hah nice!
<Amgine_> pfhayes: Aude.
<pfhayes> will do'
<sheac> unreal!
<heatherw> Amgine_: what are you asking, exaclty?
<heatherw> but without a typo :)
<aude> hi
<heatherw> hi!
<Amgine_> If that image could easily and quickly be turned into a monochrome-gray icon button, Heatherw
<aude> we're still figuring out when lightning tlaks will be, but it would be great
<Amgine_> (I think it's too complex)
<aude> and a demo at the hackathon maybe
<Amgine_> demo at hackathon would be *great*.
<pfhayes> aude: that sounds pretty awesome. i applied for a scholarship to attend, but didn't hear back. do you know when i would hear back about that?
<Amgine_> Especially if the summer push gets an iOS product ready.
<heatherw> probably Amgine_ 
<Amgine_> cool heatherw: we'll look at some other ideas first though. Thanks!
<aude> pfhayes: very soon though we're first notifying people who need visas
<pfhayes> aude: okay
* aude assumes you're coming but i don't make decisions
<pfhayes> cool!
<heatherw> so, you will let me know? Amgine_ 
<sheac> Amgine_: heatherw tonyC_ Concerning the WOTD icon, I'd still suggest the house/home over calendar or star-scroll, just because it's so accessible for us right now. I think it also makes sense to the user immediately
<pfhayes> Amgine_, tonyC_, sheac: essentially, the issue with share is that it's still not as robust as we want it to be. if you try to look up pages with capitalization, etc., then it won't be able to find the words. as long as we are still blocked from an RC with this audio bug, then i think dale can keep working at it - but i think if it's time to launch a RC, and it's not ready, we should just turn it off and 
<pfhayes> it a v2 feature
<Amgine_> Yes, I will let you know heatherw, as soon as I can.
<Amgine_> pfhayes: twinkle hands/agreement.
<sheac> pfhayes: sound argument
<pfhayes> i can shoot him an email
<tonyC_> oh right. I posted the blog post last week but I think someone needs to send it in to UCOSP
<Amgine_> exam week is such fun for standups. Anyway... I'm done. No further announcements.
<pfhayes> me too
<Amgine_> Done TonyC_
<tonyC_> cool
<Amgine_> We delayed discussion about the imminent release of the API version of WP mobile.
<sheac> finished
<pfhayes> Amgine_: what needs to be discussed?
<Amgine_> pfhayes: is that a blocker? I assume so, that want that before we go forward?
<Amgine_> that we want
<pfhayes> Amgine_: nope, we have had a feature freeze for the past month or so, so we won't be pulling that code into v1.0.1
<sheac> Amgine_: do we still have the option of releasing the non-API version and then working on the API one until it's stable?
<pfhayes> sheac: that's what we're doing, essentially
<Amgine_> <nods> Okay, good that we clarified.
<pfhayes> i'll pull that into master and everything, but it won't affect our first release
<Amgine_> All right. Sound disabling, and continue on share, and icons for WOTD or go with history button.
<sheac> pfhayes Do we want to pull it into master all at once, or should we do it in stages?
<pfhayes> sheac: we'll just pull in as we have all upstream changes. i'll do that later once it's been merged into wikipedia
<Amgine_> Sheac: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Calendar_icons, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Home_icons
<sheac> Amgine_: Thanks! My personal opinion is that the calendar icons all look like icons for scheduling application or calendar-dialog windows
<tonyC_> but it will say Word of The Day underneath so its not like its confusing
<Amgine_> <nods> so look at the current buttons and see if one of the home icons looks similar in style.
<sheac> tonyC_: Good point. I think you're right, then.
<sheac> House would be more confusing in that context
<sheac> Amgine_: ^
<Amgine_> <nods>
<Amgine_> I think we're actually done then; we have tasks and we're working on them. See you all on Friday?