UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/16 Mar

Standup at 1pm EST

<dlemieux> alright
<dlemieux> you ready?
<dlemieux> i'll log it
<sheac> ok, then
<sheac> thanks
<dlemieux> who first?
<sheac> it's all you, man
<dlemieux> Haha okay, so I had a few things I looked into
<dlemieux> 1) people have been complaining that the app icon looks "really bad" on their phones
<dlemieux> I tried with heatherw to edit some of the images, but they still don't look the greatest
<dlemieux> I looped in Amgine on the emails but we might need to find yet another logo to use (instead of the red W on the tile)
<dlemieux> 2) I am aware that the wrong image is being used beside the search bar (currently is a black W on a brown tile).  This can be changed as soon as we all know which icon/logo is going to be used there
<dlemieux> So those are two of the bugs I have assigned to me
<sheac> ok, sweet
<sheac> question about the icon:
<sheac> it seems like different parties are giving conflicting feedback - is that right?
<dlemieux> Yes
<sheac> haha nice
<dlemieux> It is also very much based on people's personal opinions, so not necessarily a "party"
<sheac> ok, I getcha. 
<dlemieux> Okay and the last thing
<dlemieux> So the feature where you can use another app to open wiktionary is still working great, but patrick raised an issue where it acted a little "odd"
<dlemieux> So if a user tries to share a Wktionary page, then the phone will suggest sharing it to the Wiktionary app along with others, and if you choose Wiktionary then it would show a "page not found" message
<sheac> yeah - I think that might be what I'm working on
<sheac> yup - that's the one!
<dlemieux> oh really? I am as well
<sheac> Oh, ok
<sheac> well how's it going?
<dlemieux> Pretty good, but you might be able to help me with a judgement call question
<dlemieux> So basically the issue was that the "share page" feature exports the url
<dlemieux> and the app is supposed to be opened with a specific word to show, not a url
<dlemieux> so I have it now parsing the url to extract the word we want to show
<dlemieux> Note: this parsing only works for wiktionary urls and wikipedia urls (in case they are coming from the share page feature of the wikipedia app)
<dlemieux> Now it would be nice if we could share a page from wikipedia to wiktionary and have it open the proper page, but the issue is that a lot of wikipedia pages capitalize the subject, and wiktioniary is case sensitive
<dlemieux> so for example, if you share the "Trophy" page from wikipedia and open it in wiktionary, it won't find it
<dlemieux> because it is "trophy" in wiktionary
<dlemieux> We could cast to lower case, but for some words that will again cause problems, such as "Europe"
<dlemieux> So I am trying to figure out what the default behaviour should be.
<dlemieux> I tried looking for an easy way to see if a page exists (and thus we could try both options) but couldn't find one
<dlemieux> that's all
<sheac> I think we're looking at the problem differently...
<sheac> haha
<dlemieux> Well they might be slightly different, I know mine was just mentioned recently
<dlemieux> What was your issue?
<sheac> the way you see it, the problem is that when the user clicks Wiktionary from the list of apps, the sucker crashes
<sheac> they way I see it, Wiktionary shouldn't even be in the list in the first place
<dlemieux> Okay yeah, I had considered that option, but I think since we are using Android Intents and intent filters, we can't avoid being in the list
<sheac> Yeah, it's not easy, but I think it's possible
<dlemieux> Our app accepts any mime type that fits "text/*"
<sheac> I've been trying to build a custom dialog and pruning from the list of candidate activities based on their package name
<sheac> if the package name matches ours, we remove it from the list before displaying it to the user
<dlemieux> Oh really? Okay so if that works then it will fix the wiktionary -> wiktionary case, which would be great!
<sheac> Yeah, that's the plan
<dlemieux> And then we would still have the wikipedia -> wiktionary issue right?
<sheac> I haven't got it running yet, but I haven't given up either
<dlemieux> Sweet
<dlemieux> I'm finished with my updates if you want to go ahead with yours
<sheac> Well the Wikipedia -> Wiktionary issue might be trickier
<sheac> My update: I've been working on this issue
<sheac> haha
<dlemieux> Yeah, it sounds like a great plan.
<dlemieux> Keep me posted on it!
<sheac> IMO, thing about wiktionary <--> wikipedia sharing is that actually wikipedia shouldn't be a candidate activity for this intent
<sheac> I think it's meant for emails and text messages - so that people can open the link in the browser of their choice
<dlemieux> Sounds good. So I'll put my two 
<dlemieux> Sounds good. So I'll put my two "workarounds" on the back burner for now, and if your component is implemented then we can just go ahead with that. :)
<sheac> ok - sounds good to me as well!
<sheac> anything else?
<dlemieux> That's all for me!
<dlemieux> I'll keep emailing and bugging people about icons!
<sheac> yeah man - keep it up! it sounds like a pretty tough, thankless job