UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/14 Feb

<dlemieux> yep!
<amgine> cool. I'm not.
<amgine> <am rebuilding the box>
<amgine> Think TonyC_ will get back to keyboard or not?
<dlemieux> I think he's almost always signed in
<dlemieux> which unfortunately means it is also likely he is not around
<sumanah> :/
<amgine> <laughs> Actually, he's in a Freenode gateway, and they drop him if he's idling too long.
<amgine> Well, here's the news I was hoping to discuss with everyone: Tfinc and yuvipanda are thinking we should go to feature freeze mode, and start getting ready to publish.
<sumanah> interesting
<amgine> Soon, not right away, but think aobut stopping adding new features.
<amgine> Well, that really means, Sumanah, that the *serious* work begins.
<sumanah> QA?
<amgine> Once frozen, we focus on cleaning up the code, then QA.
<amgine> Things like: all the gps stuff has to be removed.
<amgine> And all the code tightened up.
<dlemieux> I like that idea
<amgine> Everything related to debugging has to be marked and ready for removal.
<dlemieux> That was one thing I was meaning to ask
<amgine> Me too. I was impressed that they thought we had enough ready to go.
<dlemieux> Did you notice amgine if the app using any debug logging?
<amgine> I haven't noticed any; but I'm using a debuggable dev version on the phone.
<dlemieux> Does that offer more capabilities?
<amgine> Well, other than I can't find *any* log, it works pretty well even when not attached to Eclipse.
<amgine> How well did the copy to clipboard work for you, dlemieux?
<dlemieux> Is that implemented yet? I thought Shea was still working on it
<amgine> He couldn't figure it out using the phonegap plugin.
<amgine> Last I heard, he and Patrick were talking about possibly doing it in Java.
<dlemieux> Just the android specific way?
<amgine> I think so, which isn't a good solution imo as it's platform specific, and likely going to change.
<dlemieux> true
<amgine> brittle.
<dlemieux> Well I am looking for items to look in to, so do you think I should give the phonegap plugin another try?
<amgine> Yes, there's a plugin for android and a different one for iOS.
* tonyC_ (461d4198@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Wiktionary-mobile
<amgine> Heyla TonyC_
<dlemieux> Hey tonyC_ 
<tonyC_> hey, sorry i had it on a tab
<dlemieux> so will that still be platform dependent if there are two separate plugins?
<sumanah> Hmmm
<amgine> Shouldn't be, dlemieux, but I don't know.
<amgine> TonyC_: how did the sound files work out?
<tonyC_> they work!
<sumanah> tonyC_: dlemieux, I haven't been able to follow everything here, but it would probably be a far better thing to do everything in phonegap
<sumanah> even if that takes longer
<dlemieux> sumanah: when is the iphone app being published?
<tonyC_> its all phonegap for the audio, so it should be fine for IOS too
<sumanah> dlemieux: the iPhone Wiktionary app? I do not know.  That, Patrick/Tomasz/Yuvi would know.
<amgine> I believe the wp version is published for iPhone.
<dlemieux> Thanks
<amgine> dlemieux, TonyC_: do we want to do official standups?
<tonyC_> sure
<amgine> Okay, who first?
<dlemieux> I can go since it will be quick
<dlemieux> I had a bit of a busy week and missed the last meeting, but I saw in the logs Shea mentioned the Share feature was already implemented
<dlemieux> So that task was done for me, and then I switched my repo over
<dlemieux> and i'm not sure if we lost the pull request for my app icon update
<dlemieux> amgine, tonyC_ do you have the new icon?
<dlemieux> it is the W on a brown background
<amgine> No; that's why I thought Shea was still on the old version.
<tonyC_> yeah its nice!
<dlemieux> Okay so I guess it is in there, I just couldn't find it in gitk
<amgine> We can ask Patrick later, after he gets done.
<dlemieux> Blockers: waiting for yuvi to edit the sprite sheet
<dlemieux> Next week: no features lined up, but I can look into the copy/paste phonegap plugin again if that's wise
<amgine> Oh. That's done. Not sure where.
<dlemieux> Or i could be put on the next priority item
<dlemieux> Lastly
<tonyC_> im sure the icons are in there
<dlemieux> I'll mention now the two points patrick wanted me to bring up
<dlemieux> 1: Check that everyone is switched to new repo
<amgine> not yet, I will be when I put this back together again.
<amgine> TonyC_?
<tonyC_> i switched and did a pull earlier
<tonyC_> i just typed the 2 lines that patrick gave us
<tonyC_> which im thankful he gave because i wouldnt have known you had to clear out the old upstream before changing
<dlemieux> Do we also need to change how we fork from patrick? or does changing the upstream cover that?
<amgine> It should indicate to your repo that you are forked from somewhere else now.\
<dlemieux> I'm just looking at my github how it still says forked from pfhayes, and my pull requests are still directed at him I think
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<sumanah> hi sheaclare 
<sheaclare> hi all!
<amgine> <waves !>
<tonyC_> hmm that doesnt show on github for me either
<sheaclare> Sorry I was late...
<amgine> sheaclare: Are you switched over to the new repo for your upstream?
<tonyC_> i guess we should ask patrick if we need to re-fork for pull requests to work
<amgine> Dlemieux: we'll need to talk with patrick about how to clean that up, yes.
<sheaclare> amgine:  nope, I'm getting on that right now
<amgine> Thanks, sheaclare.
<dlemieux> Okay and 2) he asked that we discuss how our code review process will work going forward
<dlemieux> and whether someone like yuvi will be reviewing all the code before merging, or if we will review and sign off on it ourselves
<amgine> Very good question: we are officially able to do it ourselves, but now both TonyC_ & Shea are here we will need to discuss the feature freeze after the standups are done.
<tonyC_> featre freeze?
<dlemieux> That's all for me
<amgine> So, let's finish standups quickly then, and I'll explain TonyC_
<tonyC_> kk
<amgine> You're up, btw.
<tonyC_> Since last meeting i did a pull request for my audio feature, and hopefully you guys can test that out for yourselves
<tonyC_> I found a few bugs in it, one is that im not freeing up resources after i load audio which i knew about and the function that does it is already there 
<tonyC_> and the 2nd is that sometimes the file you press to play isnt the one that gets played
<tonyC_> they should both be pretty easy to fix so i should have them by friday hopefully
<amgine> Hmmm, do you know the mechanism for that one?
<tonyC_> im pretty sure i know why, currently i expected to recieve the url from the file when i ask for it so i just push it on to the array
<amgine> Okay. Any blockers?
<tonyC_> not really, could use an icon
<tonyC_> unless you dont want it on the front buttons
<amgine> kk, I can get icons probably. Send me an e-mail of what you're looking for concept-wise, and I'll get on that.
<amgine> Sheaclare: you're up.
<tonyC_> we will need to discuss eventually translations on all the new buttons we are adding
<sheaclare> ok
<sumanah> Where's Patrick-from-Waterloo? (as opposed to globetrotting-Patrick)
<dlemieux> I think he has a time conflict every Tuesday at this time
<sumanah> ohhhhh
<dlemieux> I just reached him though about the repo and he said we keep our fork from him, and ONLY need to do the upstream modification
<sheaclare> so I've been pretty swamped since we talked on Friday and haven't had a chance to do much more than get more familiar with jquery and how to use it to get what the HTML I want
<amgine> You and Patrick were talking about the possibilities for the clipboard copying; did you get any further on that Sheaclare?
<tonyC_> i thought they said that was done?
<tonyC_> its the "select text" button already in the wikipedia app
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<amgine> Does that allow sending it to another app?
<amgine> <waves @ aude>
<aude> hi
<amgine> aude: do you know if the select text button allows sending to another app?
* aude can't wait to have wiktionary mobile 
<amgine> Working version available.
<aude> amgine: no idea
<tonyC_> its in the clipboard only
<sheaclare> amgine: I haven't gotten any further with that. I was going to look further into the method patrick proposed before I started trying things out
<amgine> Okay sheaclare. 
<amgine> So, any blockers, sheaclare?
<aude> i've cloned wikimedia mobile app but not wiktionary yet
<amgine> https://github.com/wikimedia/WiktionaryMobile <- aude
<sheaclare> amgine: no blockers other than my schedule last weekend haha :)
<sheaclare> I think I'm done my "go"
<amgine> <grin> Okay, well, then let's get to the discussion of feature freeze.
<aude> :)
<amgine> The idea is to stop adding features, and start working on getting the code ready for publish.
<amgine> Yuvi and Tfinc think we're pretty much ready for that next step, once our current features are finished.
<dlemieux> I like that idea
<amgine> So, are there any other features on our list we think we absolutely must have before we go forward? 
<amgine> Tony has the pronunciation feature almost done, the clipboarding sounds like it is about half-implemented?
<amgine> Just talked to brion, dlemieux, about the sprite sheet; he suggested we work with it as-is for now. I can explain that a bit if you'd like?
<dlemieux> Okay
<amgine> It's just a bunch of graphics smooshed into one; so you can find the space currently being used and just replace that part of it.
<amgine> Most of the 'sub-graphics' will be a single object, so easily removed.
<dlemieux> Okay so I will edit that myself then
<dlemieux> Just for information sake, the sprite sheet contains the image that goes in the top left corner
<amgine> <nods> It likely has the menu buttons as well.
<dlemieux> It does. Also also some spinner icons
<dlemieux> Thanks amgine 
<amgine> Oh, that's a 'feature' I wanted to mention: the search bar spinner never stops.
<dlemieux> Is this only on your phone? It works fine in my emulator
<tonyC_> try the new version, i think someone fixed it over at wikipedia
<amgine> Only on my phone, when I first load it.
* aude really wants wiktionary for translating.... someday
<amgine> Okay, will try when I get this box back together and updated.
<amgine> Aude: that is actually one of the primary uses we talked about; wiktionary seems used by language learners more than any other group.
<sumanah> wow!
<sumanah> amgine: where is that research from?
<amgine> Wiktionarians.
<aude> amgine: that's how i use it :)
<amgine> <- wiktionarian.
* pfhayes (~pfhayes@CPE78cd8e7df0c0-CM78cd8e7df0bd.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #Wiktionary-mobile
<sumanah> amgine: you know what I mean.
<sumanah> hi pfhayes!
<amgine> Patrick!
<pfhayes> hello
<aude> and as a mobile app, (offline would be awesome)
<aude> when traveling
<sumanah> is Kiwix not really cutting it, aude/
<sumanah> ?
<amgine> Sumanah: about 75% of our reader interactions are with people learning a new language.
<amgine> It's *overwhelming*.
<sumanah> amgine: ok, so, the people who use Wiktionary *and ask questions/need help* are often new learners.....
<sumanah> I'm still interested to see research about user demographics.
<amgine> And reading patterns as well.
<aude> http://arabcrunch.com/2009/09/yahoo-maktoob-launches-its-first-iphone-app-an-arabicenglish-free-dictionary.html is my favorite
<sumanah> For people who are curious about other Wikimedia mobile stuff that is happening: https://test2.wikipedia.org/ we just deployed a new version of MediaWiki to a test site.  You could test the MobileFrontend bit if you had a moment.
<amgine> (ip -> word != dominant language)
<aude> sumanah: thanks
<amgine> Okay, Patrick: we did quick standups; did you want to do yours?
<tonyC_> If we re-named the "Read in" button to be "translate" it wouldnt be far off :)
<amgine> (you can read the others in the log, which I will post as soon as we are done here.)
<pfhayes> i was able to start migrating to the new repo
<pfhayes> has everyone set their upstream to be the new official repo?
<pfhayes> amgine tonyC_ sheaclare dlemieux?
<tonyC_> yeah, but we were concerned it wasnt showing up on github
<pfhayes> what wasn't showing up?
<amgine> all but me, 'cuz my box is torn apart as I am rebuilding OS.
<tonyC_> it says my fork is still forked off of pfhayes
<pfhayes> oh… i see
<pfhayes> that makes sense
<pfhayes> i didn't think of that
<pfhayes> you might want to delete those forks and make new ones then
<tonyC_> so if i did a pull request, will it end up going to you?
<pfhayes> yeah i think it would
<pfhayes> you should probably get rid of those forks and make new ones off the real repository
<pfhayes> once everyone's done that I can delete it
<pfhayes> i also submitted two minor changes
<pfhayes> they were submitted as pull requests to the new official repo
<pfhayes> how are we going to do review for these? keep reviewing them ourselves? get yuvi to review them? something else?
<amgine> I think we should make sure at least one WMF team member reviews. We need to do more txt reviews, too.
<tonyC_> whats a txt review?
<amgine> Code review messages on git hub. Commenting, asking questions, and discussing commits, etc.
<amgine> Sometimes I might not understand something, and ask how/why it works this way.
<amgine> (for example)
<amgine> dlemieux: Heatherw is offering to help with the sprites.
<pfhayes> okay i agree that we should all read them, and comment where appropriate. are we going to wait for a WMF member sign off on commits before we merge them?
<amgine> Team decision: dlemieux, sheaclare, TonyC_
<dlemieux> Thanks amgine 
<amgine> yw
<pfhayes> i think that makes sense to me
<tonyC_> sure
<dlemieux> If they can take on the work, then it would be good
<sheaclare> on board!
<sumanah> I think that's a good idea but may slow things down a little
<amgine> Okay. I will make sure that gets communicated.
<sumanah> thanks amgine 
<sumanah> yeah, once WMF is a bottleneck for development they need to know that
<amgine> <notices Amgine's stack is growing>
<amgine> Okay, Feature freeze, pfhayes: Yuvi and Tfinc think we're getting close to feature freeze, then we clean code and get ready for publication.
<pfhayes> okay, in that case we need to add those people to the repository as collaborators or watchers or something. so that they get notified when we make these pull requests
<amgine> Yes, they want this published, soon.
<pfhayes> amgine: makes sense to me
<pfhayes> do we have a target date for publication?
<amgine> No, not yet. I wanted to make sure we have no outstanding features we must have before we go further.
<pfhayes> none that i can think of
<amgine> On/before Friday we should find out what will be need to be worked on to get the code ready.
<amgine> Then we can set a date.
<pfhayes> ok
<tonyC_> neat!
<sheaclare> Awesome. 
<amgine> One thing: Yuvipanda is in charge of getting the WP 1.1 published. So, he may *start* us going, but we will have to push ourselves while he's distracted with that.
<pfhayes> sure
<amgine> But it sounds like everyone is interested in getting this out the door! <grin> Great to hear.
<sumanah> :-)
<pfhayes> i noticed tonyc_ and sheaclare made their new forks on github - are they working?
<sheaclare> pfhayes I'm just about to run mine now. I'll let you know in a second
<pfhayes> cool
<tonyC_> looks good though im up to wiktionaryMobile-2
<pfhayes> you can delete the old ones
<pfhayes> and rename this one
<sheaclare> My new version is up and running
<pfhayes> awesome
<pfhayes> dlemieux?
<amgine> I think the official part of the meeting is over. I'd love to see you guys networking to support each other though.
<dlemieux> Yes?
<pfhayes> did you get to make a new fork?
<dlemieux> Not yet, I am currently working with heatherw in #wikimedia-mobile about the sprite sheets
<pfhayes> ok
<pfhayes> amgine: once dlemieux is set up i'm going to go ahead and delete the repo under my name. i know you're still forked off of it but having this repo blocks me from contributing to WikipediaMobile. you should still be able to migrate to the new repo once mine is gone
<pfhayes> dlemieux: let me know once you've got that done and i can make the migration
<amgine> no problem pfhayes.
<dlemieux> pfhayes, do you need to wait for me? I will be doing this tonight anyways
<amgine> I'll just delete and refor,
<amgine> k
<pfhayes> dlemieux: tonight is fine
<dlemieux> cool
<pfhayes> no rush
<sheaclare> I'll be back in a jiffy, all. Then I'll be working on the clipboard thing and perhaps asking questions here-ish
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<pfhayes> okay is that everything then?
<tonyC_> im pretty sure we can go ahead and merge those two pull requests