UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/09 Mar

<Amgine> We're supposed to be meeting here/now
<sheac> Okay, well it's great that Yuvi is here! I can ask him about the Saved Pages thing he was working on
<Amgine> Yes! Yuvipanda ping
<yuvipanda> heya!
* yuvipanda pongs Amgine 
<yuvipanda> heya sheac 
<yuvipanda> which bit?
<sheac> yuvipanda: Good morning! Do you mean "which bit" related to Saved Pages?
<yuvipanda> yes
<sheac> Ok - well around the end of January, beginning of February, the commit logs show you were working on a bug in Saved Pages.
<sheac> I'm wondering if it's related to a bug I'm working on right now.
<yuvipanda> sheac: what bug are you working on right now?
<yuvipanda> and current app's saved pages have allb een fixed
<sheac> As near as I can tell, the items on the SavedPages screen have never resulted in navigation to the appropriate page.
<sheac> For our app, that is
<sheac> Ever since we forked it.
<yuvipanda> o_O
<yuvipanda> that has, IIRC, never been a problem with the Wikipedia App
<yuvipanda> sheac: were you able to figure out which part of it was causing the issues?
<sheac> Right now I'm looking at caching
<sheac> That seems to be where the error is occurring.
<yuvipanda> the UrlCache plugin?
<sheac> I've noticed that when we click on a SavedPages item, that item is not actually in /data/data/org.wiktionary/files/ where it should be
<sheac> well UrlCache is where the exception is being thrown, but I think the problem is elsewhere
<yuvipanda> sheac: hmm, where do you think the problem is?
<yuvipanda> and why do you think the problem isn't in UrlCache?
<sheac> Because the UrlCache that Wikipedia uses is the same as the one that Wiktionary uses. The main difference is "file.exists()" (where file is the cached page we're looking for) evaluates to true for Wikipedia, but false for Wiktionary
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<tonyC_> Hi guys
<sheac> Hi tonyC_ 
<Amgine> <waves>
<yuvipanda> sheac: hmm
<yuvipanda> sheac: is it being saved properly?
<sheac> I don't think so.
<Amgine> TonyC_: Shealen and Yuvipanda are talking about the saved page bug... let me get the bug url.
<sheac> I've noticed that Droidgap says something about "onExceededDataBaseQuota" sometimes when we try to save a page, but I'm not usre if that's every single time.
<sheac> Let me try again
<Amgine> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34833
<tonyC_> Amgine: thanks!
<Amgine> yw.
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<pfjhayes> hello
<tonyC_> hey
<sheac> concerning the "onExceededDataBaseQuota", I can't reproduce it by trying to save another page, so that probably isn't related
<sheac> yuvipanda: The main question I was going to ask you was about saving pages. Specifically, how do we cache pages? Do you think I'll need to see inside the guts of LawnChair to know what's going on?
<yuvipanda> sheac: we don't use LawnChair to cache pages
<yuvipanda> we just use it to store the list of pages we cached
<yuvipanda> we use UrlCache to cache *and* load pages
<sheac> Ohhhhhh
<yuvipanda> think of LawnChair as an index
<sheac> My second question was going to be: What did you wind up doing to solve your SavedPages bug? I've been suspicious of network connections in relation to this bug, and I noticed that you had to include Zepto in network.makeRequest.
<Amgine> TonyC_ and Sheac: there has been further discussions on the wiki about the collapsible templates, but no movement so far as I can see.
<tonyC_> is there another easy way to hide the templates on the client side?
<yuvipanda> sheac: well, that was a different part of the bug (zepto)
<yuvipanda> it was a bug causing file:// URLs to segfault from jquery
<yuvipanda> sheac: however, assuming you guys are up-to-date with our master, I see no reason why that should be a problem
<Amgine> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Grease_pit#Collapsible_templates.2C_especially_.7B.7Btrans-top.7D.7D
<sheac> yuvipanda: Ok, makes sense.
<Amgine> TonyC_: I see there is only two options: either ignore/delete the template html, or try to cook up a custom solution for en.WT.
<sheac> yuvipanda: Thanks for your help. I'll keep digging around. 
<yuvipanda> sheac: :) good luck!
<Amgine> Okay, Yuvipanda: we talked about what was necessary for Beta. Can you list off the things again here?
<yuvipanda> Amgine: 1. You guys (students) to test it around and say it is beta quality (aka, some things don't work, but in general, usable)
<yuvipanda> 2. Amgine has to do the same
<yuvipanda> 3. Talk to tfinc about how to handle branding
<yuvipanda> 4. SHIP THE BETA!
<yuvipanda> so mostly, i'd suggest you people using it for one full day and not crashing it in obvious ways
<tonyC_> Amgine: so i guess that means collapsable isnt happening for a while...i think for our purposes we can just delete all content of the translation template
<pfjhayes> i have a few questions yuvipanda
<yuvipanda> pfjhayes: sure
<pfjhayes> 1. we will need to pull in some upstream changes from wikipediamobile. is there a latest stable release we should base our release off of? or just the most recent trunk?
<pfjhayes> yuvipanda
<yuvipanda> pfjhayes: master is what we're doing our releases off
<yuvipanda> so currently yes, master is stable
<pfjhayes> okay
<pfjhayes> yuvipanda: that's all the questions i had, actually. thanks
<pfjhayes> tonyC_, sheac, Amgine - are we feature complete for beta?
<Amgine> With Shea's copy, yes.
<tonyC_> Yeah i think we are
<sheac> I think tonyC_ was saying we're doing pretty good feature-wise
<Amgine> We are also talking about how to eliminate - for the beta - the translation tables.
<tonyC_> its really usability we need to work on
<pfjhayes> sheac can you push submit a pull request for that? then I will set up the repo, and create a branch for our first beta release, and then after we talk to tfinc we can push the beta
<Amgine> One thing about the code presentability: is all the gps/nearby code removed?
<pfjhayes> it should be, i'll confirm that when I pull in the latest upstream changes
<sheac> I'm not sure what Amgine meanse by "Shea's copy" - as far as I know my repo is exactly up-to-date with the wikimedia repo
<pfjhayes> okay then
<sheac> Amgine: can you explain what you meant?
<pfjhayes> i'm not on my home computer, but i'll be headed home in about an hour. then i can set up the new branch and everything
<Amgine> I mean your copy/paste feature - the saved.
<sheac> Amgine: ohhhhh the old copy-to-clipboard feature?
<Amgine> pfjhayes: I've been unable to get my eclipse/android sdk/etc. working. If you have time this weekend, could you help walk me through that again?
<Amgine> <grin> I still think of it that way, sheac, even though I know you have moved on. I'm referring to the one you're talking to yuvi about.
<pfjhayes> sheac, Amgine: do we need that for beta?
<sheac> Amgine: haha ok, I getcha
<sheac> pfjhayes: I feel like yuvi was suggesting we release beta without that fix
<Amgine> No.
<pfjhayes> okay cool
<Amgine> <nods with sheac>
<pfjhayes> okay, i'll get us all set up for beta. then we can all test it out
<pfjhayes> what do we need to talk to tfinc about? who's going to do that?
<Amgine> <yuvipanda> 3. Talk to tfinc about how to handle branding
<Amgine> I think you should manage that, pfjhayes?
<sheac> holy #$%#! I think I fixed it!
<Amgine> Dale is working on some of it with heatherw as well.
<pfjhayes> Amgine: what do we need to ask him about branding?
<sheac> I'll put in a pull-request in a sec
<Amgine> What is necessary to brand the app, pfjhayes.
<Amgine> It will likely involve logos, error pages, and so on.
<pfjhayes> okay i'll send him a message
<pfjhayes> anything else?
<pfjhayes> sheac, tonyC_: did we ever get the internationalization set up? that is, which strings still needed to be internationalized for wiktionary?
<Amgine> Siebrand is wondering that as well.
<pfjhayes> okay cool
<pfjhayes> but do we need that for beta?
<tonyC_> no thats not done yet
<pfjhayes> okay
<pfjhayes> anything else?
<Amgine> When will the team make their decision about #1?
<Amgine> Need a hard deadline.
<pfjhayes> what #1?
<sheac> whether and when it's Beta quality
<sheac> So how long should we test it out for?
<pfjhayes> oh, once I make the beta today, we can all make an effort to test it over the weekend? and then if there's no problems we're good for monday?
<Amgine> WFM. Sheac: I will need to meet with you so you can update the copy on my phone.
<sheac> Ok - Let's see if we can work out a time to meet today or tomorrow
<pfjhayes> tonyC_: any other concerns from you?
<Amgine> Tomorrow would be better, for me.
<sheac> yuvipanda: The SavedPages bug is an SSL certificate problem. Is the CA for 'en.m.wiktionary.org' is different from the CA for 'en.m.wikipedia.org'?
<yuvipanda> sheac: interesting. I'm not sure!
<yuvipanda> sheac: you can check by going to them in your desktop browser and inspecting the certs
<Amgine> I've submitted 3 CA bugs in the past few weeks. I think Chad hates me.
<sheac> Amgine: I'll be in Port Coquitlam most of the weekend, but I plan to be back in Vancouver for a short period on Saturday afternoon/evening. Unfortunately I can't say for sure when yet, since it doesn't really depend on me.
<pfjhayes> okay if there's nothing else, i'm going to head out so i can get to work on the new branch
<Amgine> <grin> Well, Sunday eve/Monday at UBC would work for me as well; whatever works out for you Sheac
<Amgine> Tah pfjhayes
<Amgine> yuvipanda: breaking up here: anything you want to say?
<yuvipanda> Amgine: nothing specifically.
<yuvipanda> but great job so far, guys :)
<Amgine> I've been asked to be part of a panel about UCOSP at WCCE in May, here in Vancouver.
<Amgine> So if it's accepted, you all may be more famous then.
<yuvipanda> as they should be :)
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<Amgine> You too, victim. Next fall they will likely wish to continue to develop the wiktionary app.
<tonyC_> i would love to
<tonyC_> ill look into deleting templates over the weekend
<Amgine> Have you signed up for GSOC, TonyC_?
<Amgine> That would be very cool. 
<tonyC_> no i have a co-op this summer and i dont think i would have the time
<sheac> Amgine: Actually Monday would work out a lot better for me… sorry, but I already agreed to be out in PoCo looking after my parents house all weekend...
<Amgine> No, it's fine. I just need an hour or two to try to break the app.
<sheac> Haha
<sheac> So the SavedPages bug has to do with the CA of en.m.wiktionary.org
<Amgine> did you check that via browser?
<sheac> Yup. https://en.m.wikipedia.org's CA is DigiCert and wiktionary's is GeoTrust
<sheac> And when I make it so we accept all SSL certs, the bug goes away.
<Amgine> Nice. Could you make sure to file a bug about that as an Extension:MobileFrontend issue?
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<tonyC_> wow nice find sheac
<sheac> Sure. So it's not our bug to fix, then?
<sheac> tonyC_: Thanks, man! :)
<Amgine> Well... let's repeat it for yuvipanda:
<Amgine> <sheac> Yup. https://en.m.wikipedia.org's CA is DigiCert and wiktionary's is GeoTrust
<Amgine> <sheac> And when I make it so we accept all SSL certs, the bug goes away.
<Amgine> <Amgine> Nice. Could you make sure to file a bug about that as an Extension:MobileFrontend issue?
<Amgine> We may want to work-around.
<Amgine> But it's not a good idea to accept all SSL.
<Amgine> yuvipanda_: ^
<sheac> I'll see if I can work something better out!
<yuvipanda_> hmm, so it is just wiktionary's ssl certificate not being trusted by default?
<yuvipanda_> i think that's something that should be fixed on the server
<yuvipanda_> Amgine is right, please file a bug report and poke the appropriate people :D
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<sheac> yuvipanda: ok! Who are the appropriate people?
<Amgine> preilly and, iirc, ^demon.
<yuvipanda> yes, chad and preilly, and perhaps awjr
<yuvipanda> chad == ^demon
<Amgine> But just file as an Extension:MobileFrontend and it will get to them.
<sheac> Amgine: yuvipanda Ok, for sure.