UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/07 Feb

from #wiktionary-mobile

[2:34pm] Amgine: ===== Beginning log =====
[2:34pm] brion: Ok, everybody in?
[2:35pm] dlemieux: I think so, phayes can't make it today
[2:35pm] Amgine: Patrick isn't in, but he has a schedule conflict for this time.
[2:35pm] sheaclare: in
[2:35pm] brion: ok. basics then -- who wants to go first? quick report of what you've done since last time
[2:35pm] brion: then what you plan for for next time
[2:35pm] TonyC_: I'll start
[2:35pm] brion: and if you need anything from others to get that done
[2:36pm] brion: ok
[2:36pm] TonyC_: I was doing the audio pronounciation of a given word when you are on that page, and I made a lot of progress over the weekend
[2:37pm] brion: great!
[2:38pm] TonyC_: Thanks to Amgine for the help on the api calls, when you are on a page, I have functions that will retrieve and store all attached .ogg files, as well as their direct URLs to download them
[2:39pm] brion: continuing onthat or moving on to additional things?
[2:39pm] TonyC_: I also have a media class set up that uses the phonegap media object, allowing me to download and play audio files directly from the URL, and this should work for both IOS and Android
[2:39pm] brion: +1 awesome
[2:39pm] brion: will that work with ogg or will you need additional libraries/plugins on ios?
[2:40pm] TonyC_: the hard part is done, this week i plan to make a button that pops up a menu of all these available .ogg files
[2:40pm] TonyC_: and play the one that the user chooses
[2:40pm] dlemieux: nice!
[2:40pm] TonyC_: thats about it
[2:40pm] Amgine: ogg on iOS sound interestings.
[2:41pm] TonyC_: I have no idea if it actually works on IOS, thats just what the phonegap documentation claimed
[2:41pm] brion: worst case might need to drop in a decoder library, but hopefully that's already done in phonegap 
[2:41pm] Amgine: shea?
[2:41pm] sheaclare: Ok:
[2:43pm] sheaclare: I haven't been able to get up to much since last we talked, actually. I'd like to tackle the share/link definition feature, but I'd like to know more about what exactly people want to see from that
[2:44pm] sheaclare: That's all.
[2:44pm] sheaclare:
[2:44pm] brion: do you need detail plans worked out to continue?
[2:45pm] TonyC_: what exactly is the share/link definition feature? Like copy the current url into the clipboard?
[2:45pm] sheaclare: I don't need exact details. I just want to know what it means broadly.
[2:46pm] Amgine: I think it means to be able to send it - maybe via sms, microblogging, email, facebook.
[2:46pm] sheaclare: For example, does it mean "share link/definition" rather than "share/link definition"?
[2:46pm] Amgine: url vs. content? What do you guys think?
[2:47pm] sheaclare: And by "share", I guess it means to open up an application, such as email client or text messaging with the URL already added to the body?
[2:47pm] brion: url is probably where i'd start
[2:47pm] TonyC_: Well i think this is like the opposite of what dale worked on, where in another app you can copy a word into clipboard and launch wiktionary to search, you launch another app
[2:47pm] dlemieux: Yep, it is
[2:47pm] dlemieux: And I already know how to export text so whether it is url or content i can either help shea or take over
[2:48pm] brion: \o/ sharing is caring
[2:48pm] sheaclare: brion: nice 
[2:48pm] Amgine: Can we build a menu on-the-fly of apps to send it via?
[2:48pm] sheaclare: Amgine: that would be great
[2:48pm] sheaclare: Sound good?
[2:48pm] Amgine: so, the e-mail app, the facebook app, the google+?
[2:48pm] brion: in android, that's all done for you - use the share plugin for phonegap
[2:49pm] TonyC_: ha
[2:49pm] sheaclare: oh, ok.
[2:49pm] sheaclare: haha
[2:49pm] Amgine: sounds like a task for you and Dlemieux to share, sheaclare.
[2:49pm] brion: in ios you either have to do it yourself or use a library like ShareKit
[2:49pm] dlemieux: i'm down to look into it with sheaclare
[2:49pm] brion: ios has surprisingly crappy inter-app communication 
[2:49pm] dlemieux: I know the android way, but the phonegap option should be investigated as well
[2:49pm] sheaclare: dlemieux: That'd be great! I'd really like to learn how to do this
[2:50pm] Amgine: okay, so dlemieux: I didn't get to your pull for the app icon?
[2:50pm] sheaclare: So I guess that's that for my stand-up
[2:50pm] sheaclare: ?
[2:50pm] TonyC_: worst case, in ios you can just copy the current url into the clipboard
[2:51pm] brion: yep
[2:51pm] Amgine: Yep, just what you have done, then what you're going to do.
[2:51pm] Amgine: (and any blockers)
[2:52pm] dlemieux: my turn?
[2:52pm] sheaclare: Any blockers: nope. I just need to figure it out, I guess!
[2:52pm] Amgine: Yes, dlemieux
[2:53pm] dlemieux: So from last time I said I would work on switching the icons to be Wiktionary in various places around the app
[2:53pm] dlemieux: The app icon was switched, and I am waiting for yuvipanda to do work on the sprite sheet before we can make that change
[2:53pm] Amgine: He was on and talking about it earlier.
[2:54pm] dlemieux: Cool
[2:54pm] dlemieux: I also worked on one of our third priority features about voice commands
[2:54pm] sumanah joined the chat room.
[2:55pm] dlemieux: I got a simple app working to get voice commands, but then started brianstorming and found little use in the app
[2:55pm] dlemieux: so I might recommend abandonning it unless people really want it
[2:55pm] Amgine: Oh, sorry sumanah, forgot.
[2:55pm] dlemieux: most things are accessible from the menu in one click
[2:55pm] TonyC_: I have personally never used the voice search gimmick on android
[2:55pm] dlemieux: and android keyboards already convert speech to text
[2:55pm] dlemieux: so it is a very small gain
[2:55pm] dlemieux: imo
[2:55pm] sumanah: (I'll read the log when it's pasted to https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/UCOSP_Spring_2012/Standups/07_Feb )
[2:56pm] TonyC_: I saw that you made a pull request today dale
[2:56pm] dlemieux: that was supposed to be a small one because i was just swapping out the 4 wikipedia app icons
[2:56pm] dlemieux: But apparently because of the rebase it had to include a lot more
[2:57pm] TonyC_: as far as I can tell you added the new icons, but then there was a terrifying amount of other changes you didnt do
[2:57pm] dlemieux: I was talking to patrick about it ealier
[2:57pm] dlemieux: As far as I know it should only happen this once
[2:57pm] TonyC_: can i ask what was is the current diff between your current repo and patrick's?
[2:58pm] dlemieux: the 4 icons
[2:58pm] Amgine: Patrick has become the de facto repo manager, and was going to try to have the repo moved back under the wikimedia name, Brion. Tomasz has not gotten to it, of course, but I was wondering who else might be able to do so?
[2:58pm] sumanah: brion: (and thanks for being here for this meeting)
[2:59pm] dlemieux: Patrick asked me to reiterate at this meeting that we would like the repo to be moved
[2:59pm] brion: patrick and tomasz *should* have the technical ability to do that i think
[2:59pm] brion: i'm nto sure how to do that myself
[2:59pm] TonyC_: hmm well if patrick says everything is fine i guess thats okay
[3:00pm] Amgine: Tomasz does have the ability; not sure about Patrick but we will try.
[3:00pm] brion: excellent
[3:00pm] sumanah: I'm sure you all know this, but Patrick and Tomasz are somewhat unavailable this week due to their travel to India
[3:00pm] brion: i'll remind him next i see him online at least 
[3:00pm] sumanah: well, email also works
[3:00pm] brion: true dat
[3:01pm] Amgine: okay, dlemieux: you've volunteered to help sheaclare with the share - anything else you plan on working on before Friday?
[3:01pm] dlemieux: And for next week, I will keep an eye on that sprite sheet, work with shea, and as a stretch look into the two tasks about copying word/definition to the clipboard
[3:02pm] dlemieux: I'm not sure when those were added but it seems closely related
[3:02pm] Amgine: <nods>
[3:02pm] sheaclare: before we move on, brion is this the phonegap method you were talking about? https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugins/tree/master/Android/Share
[3:02pm] brion: sheaclare: yep
[3:02pm] brion: that ties into the native intents to send out a URL or text snippet to other apps
[3:02pm] sheaclare: brion: awesome. looks pretty manageable.
[3:02pm] brion: very handy
[3:02pm] dlemieux: nice shea
[3:03pm] sheaclare: I'll give it a try as we continue here
[3:03pm] Amgine: Excellent. sheaclare and dlemieux: make sure you take ownership on the features page.
[3:03pm] dlemieux: I'll do it now
[3:04pm] dlemieux: nevermind, it's done haha
[3:04pm] sheaclare: Yeah - I got to it first 
[3:04pm] brion: ok, anything else we need in the meeting record?
[3:04pm] Amgine: Okay: announce time: Shea made announcements on the mobile list and the wiktionary list: I hope we see a bit more traffic/input from the communities.
[3:04pm] sumanah: btw, folks, I also want to let all of you know that we are applying to be part of Google Summer of Code 2012.  https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2012  If you have a chance to hang up a couple flyers https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2012#Spread_the_word  at your schools, that would be great.  The general GSoC flyer and the MediaWiki flyer are both good to pass around or hang up.  You all go to good schools with smart
[3:04pm] sumanah:  folks   And those of you who will still be enrolled in college as of April 23rd will be eligible to participate, if you want
[3:04pm] sheaclare: dlemieux: If you really got your heart set on the clipboard-copying, go for it. Otherwise, I might take a swing at them.
[3:05pm] sumanah: in case it did not come through: And those of you who will still be enrolled in college as of April 23rd will be eligible to participate, if you want
[3:05pm] Amgine: GSoC includes money?
[3:05pm] sumanah: yes.
[3:05pm] sumanah: it's paid.
[3:05pm] TonyC_: ooh nice!
[3:05pm] Amgine: Summer job, folks.
[3:05pm] sumanah: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2012/faqs#student_eligibility
[3:05pm] sheaclare: sumanah: You said my announcement didn't make it out over the mailing lists?
[3:06pm] sumanah: sheaclare: ??
[3:06pm] dlemieux: sheaclare: my heart isn't set on it haha, so feel free to reach out to that, maybe just ping/email me if you make progress
[3:06pm] sumanah: "in case it did not come through" was re the last bit of my IRC message.
[3:06pm] sumanah: http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wiktionary-l/2012-February/001107.html
[3:06pm] sheaclare: sumanah: Ohhhhh ahhaha
[3:06pm] Amgine: It came through, sheaclare.
[3:06pm] sheaclare:  got it
[3:06pm] sumanah: http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/mobile-l/2012-February/005339.html
[3:07pm] sheaclare: dlemieux: I'll keep you in the loop 
[3:07pm] sumanah: thanks for the reminder to mention money, Amgine
[3:07pm] sumanah:
[3:07pm] Amgine: <grin> I've been a hungry college student in the past.
[3:07pm] brion: $$
[3:07pm] dlemieux: Not really blocking but as a last note, I have tried installing our wiktionary app on my android phone several times and still have no luck getting it to work
[3:08pm] dlemieux: It installs and launches, but always claims i have no internet access
[3:08pm] TonyC_: hmm
[3:08pm] sumanah: (it's 5000 USD.)
[3:08pm] dlemieux: I can still use the emulator to test everything, but it just seems odd
[3:08pm] Amgine: Are you using the apk Hashar is building for us nightly?
[3:08pm] sumanah: dlemieux: and do you have this problem with any other app?
[3:08pm] sumanah: dlemieux: like, the Wikipedia app?
[3:08pm] dlemieux: nope, i build it myself Amgine
[3:08pm] dlemieux: sumanah, wikipedia works great
[3:08pm] TonyC_: as far as i can tell it works fine for me
[3:09pm] dlemieux: Amgine, where is this apk?
[3:09pm] Amgine: Let me see where it is, dlemieux
[3:09pm] Amgine: http://integration.mediawiki.org/ci/job/WiktionayMobile%20-%20Nightly%20builds/
[3:11pm] Amgine: Brion: where's the actual apk with that, and how to install on a phone?
[3:11pm] brion: hmm
[3:11pm] brion: http://integration.mediawiki.org/WiktionaryMobile/nightly/ but … looks kinda empty
[3:12pm] brion: check with hashar there may be something wrong in the building
[3:12pm] brion: once you get one: adb install blahblah.apk
[3:12pm] brion: it may tell you about debug code signing key mismatch, and give you a sample command to uninstall
[3:13pm] Amgine: okay.
[3:13pm] Amgine: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#change,2174
[3:16pm] Amgine: Okay, I think that's a wrap. Anyone else have something to add?
[3:16pm] TonyC_: how does one sign up for google summer of code?
[3:17pm] Amgine: TonyC_: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MediaWiki_flyer_2012.svg
[3:18pm] Amgine: And asking Sumanah, apparently.
[3:18pm] sumanah: TonyC_: you don't, yet
[3:18pm] sumanah: TonyC_: we (MediaWiki) have to apply and be accepted
[3:18pm] sumanah: that's a very very strong chance
[3:18pm] sumanah: we have participated for like 7 years
[3:19pm] sumanah: TonyC_: then applications open in a few months and you submit an application through Google's system
[3:19pm] sumanah: TonyC_: I will be updating that Summer of Code 2012 page on mediawiki.org
[3:19pm] sumanah: so you can put it on your watchlist, rss reader, etc
[3:19pm] TonyC_: Cool!
[3:19pm] sumanah: TonyC_: you may also want to skim http://en.flossmanuals.net/GSoCStudentGuide/
[3:20pm] sumanah: TonyC_: for GSoC students are expected to come up with proposals for projects that they would do over 3 months of fulltime work.
[3:20pm] sumanah: and each student works with one mentor, but not in teams like UCOSP.
[3:20pm] TonyC_: it would be great to keep doing what im doing
[3:20pm] TonyC_: except for money haha
[3:20pm] sumanah: TonyC_: welllllll GSoC would have you doing something with MediaWiki
[3:21pm] sumanah: TonyC_: right now you are interacting with the MediaWiki API, but it's not so much a MediaWiki project, really, right?
[3:21pm] sumanah: it's a Wikimedia project
[3:21pm] sumanah: for GSoC you'd probably be doing something more like https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_Past_Projects
[3:21pm] sumanah: (check those out for examples)
[3:22pm] sumanah: hmm, I just realized I referred to "patrick" earlier and should have specified whether I meant preilly
[3:22pm] Amgine: <grin> I could come up with a few... And working with Johnduhart on MobileFrontend would be still working on the app, sort of.
[3:22pm] sheaclare: Regarding the Share-Page functionality: There appears to be a button installed already. I'm unable to test it properly, since I don't have a phone.
[3:22pm] sumanah: anyway, dlemieux, sheaclare, TonyC_ hope you'll pass the word around your schools.  there are probably going to be 170+ participating open source projects this year.
[3:23pm] Amgine: Sheaclare: When would you like to meet? I will be on campus on Thursday.
[3:23pm] Amgine: I have an a.m. mtg on Wed, but could likely be on campus tomorrow.
[3:24pm] sheaclare: Amgine: Both Wed and Thurs are a bit up in the air. I may have an interview at an unknown time… What are we meeting to discuss?
[3:24pm] sheaclare: Oh~
[3:25pm] sheaclare: haha Amgine I got it
[3:25pm] Amgine: I haz android phone.
[3:25pm] Amgine: Don't have the app on it yet, but...
[3:26pm] sheaclare: Amgine: when are you going to be around on Thursday?
[3:26pm] sumanah: sounds like Amgine and sheaclare can work this out between themselves.
[3:26pm] sumanah: Anyone else need to share anything, or are we done for today?
[3:26pm] Amgine: Yah...
[3:26pm] dlemieux: I'm good!
[3:26pm] TonyC_: yep!
[3:27pm] Amgine: ===== End logging =====