UCOSP Spring 2012/Standups/06 Mar

<Amgine> So... I've spent a week rebuilding computers. And I missed last Friday's meeting.
<Amgine> Did anything happen?
<tony_> nah, everyone was busy and dropped in for two minutes and left
<Amgine> heh.
<tony_> shea fixed word of the day on friday
<Amgine> Well, Dlemieux is working at a gaming conference in California. 
<Amgine> Yah, I saw that, but my re-install of Eclipse sorta failed.
<Amgine> So I can't check it out.
<tony_> ooh hes at GDC?
<tony_> i think our features are essentially done for the alpha unless more things are broken upstream
<Amgine> yah. I was jealous. The description is "work a bit, then attend talks"
* sheac (~sheaclare@S0106002618c78fad.vc.shawcable.net) has joined #Wiktionary-mobile
<Amgine> As far as I'm aware, upstream is working well.
<Amgine> Heya Sheac!
<tony_> did you have any progress talking to the wiktionary people to allow us to collapse the elements we want?
<sheac> Hi Amgine 
<sheac> Hi tony_ 
<tony_> hey!
<Amgine> tony_: No, I'm getting roundly ignored there.
<Amgine> I may just go around behind people's backs and do it.
<Amgine> If we can get a list of the templates which need updating - like the translations template - I can just try that.
<sheac> I'm still really sketchy on what MediaWiki means by templates sometimes. You're talking things analogous to document elements from HTML, but in WikiText?
<tony_> well the main element is the giant translation element
<Amgine> A template is a wikitext page which is 'included' at the time the page is parsed for presentation.
<Amgine> That way something which shows up a lot of different places can be abstracted.
<Amgine> So, for example, the translation template shows up in a million or so pages; very important that they all look the same, and can be edited *once* to change it everywhere.
<sheac> Ok. So like CSS
<sheac> ?
<sheac> … I think I got it.
<Amgine> Yes, a bit.
<sheac> Anyway, It sounds like Tony's got a candidate
<Amgine> Yep. And it relies on a class, NavFrame, which I'm looking up right now.
<Amgine> Trying to track down where the js is being added.
<Amgine> Okay, I found it in this page
<Amgine> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.js
<Amgine> It looks like it is heavily, heavily encumbered.
<tony_> im pretty new to css, but for some reason i cant find the class called "translations" in the css files in a wiki page
<Amgine> It isn't.
<Amgine> The translations template is using a series of classes; the one we're looking at is NavFrame I believe.
<Amgine> Wiktionary person says mw-collapsible is not allowed in the MobileFrontend either, so I'm asking the maintainer of that extension about it.
<Amgine> Okay, they're right. collapse *doesn't* work on mobilefrontend.
<sheac> Does it make sense for us to muck with it in our application?
<sheac> Relatedly, some of our pages get cut off laterally because they're too wide:
<sheac> … Coincidentally the Translations box (template?)
<tony_> its just the translations and related.terms elements that get cut off i believe
<sheac> You may be right. I only noticed it with translations
<sheac> Ok, so this looks like something we want to chat with Dale and Patrick about.
<sheac> In the meantime, are we partway through standups?
<Amgine> Yep. 
<Amgine> Who has done what? 
<Amgine> (missed Friday so I am out of touch)
<sheac> I can go
<sheac> I've moved the bugs that I could confirm to our Bugzilla account
<sheac> The Word of the Day button is fixed
<sheac> And I've been spending my time trying to figure out our Saved Pages bug
<sheac> (wherein clicking a Saved Page doesn't result in navigation to that page)
<sheac> That last one has taken my up until now, and I'm still at it
<sheac> I was going to ask Yuvi about it, since it looks like he was having some similar troubles with Wikipedia
<Amgine> Yah, I haven't been able to connect with Yuvipanda for a couple days.
<Amgine> I'll ask him to get in touch with you about that issue when I see him.
<Amgine> Any other blockers?
<sheac> Nope. That's it. 
<Amgine> Cool. Tony_: what has been happening officially?
<tony_> i fixed the listen in last week and i havent had much to do since
<Amgine> <grin>
<Amgine> Okay: Announcements: Dlemieux is in California enjoying a game conference.
<tony_> if it comes down to it, we can just parse the html to cut out elements
<Amgine> Won't be to any of the meetings.
<Amgine> (this week)
<Amgine> I haven't got any other specific announcements, other than a huge thank you for the bugs, sheac. 
<sheac> no prob!
<sheac> On that topic, we've already got a comment from someone on our translation TODO item
<sheac> I'll grab a link to it...
<Amgine> I think we should add everyone's e-mail addresses to the cc fields, and start assigning things (and marking as fixed, etc)
<Amgine> So we are aware when people comment.
<sheac> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34834
<sheac> Well I got an email. I'm not sure if it's because it was my bug or what.
<Amgine> Ah! Siebrand. Yes, you got an e-mail because it was your bug.
<Amgine> He's the tranlations/i18n/i10n guru.
<Amgine> Almost everything MediaWiki does is heavily translated to many many languages. He manages much of the work.
<Amgine> I don't remember who was interested in the translation/i18n side of the app?
<tony_> we only have those two new menu items that need translating right?
<sheac> it should give details in the bug.
<sheac> let me check
<sheac> yeah - that's right. four items in messages-en.properties
<sheac> but when we do the conversions from Wikipedia --> Wiktionary in the remaining places, we'll need to translate/transliterate those as well
<Amgine> Okay.
<Amgine> Just filed a bug, https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35018
<sheac> Looks great! Errr… "awful" ;)
<Amgine> <laughs>
<Amgine> Anyone have anything else to talk about for this standup?
<Amgine> Sounds like we're done then.
<sheac> agreed!
<sheac> So I hope if Yuvi isn't too swamped he can suggest some avenues to look down with regard to this SavedPages bug. 
<Amgine> Yes. He was annoyed about something in phonegap, probably this, and was pulling it out by the roots from the sound of things.
<sheac> yeah, i'm having trouble nailing it down, but there seem to be a couple things - maybe related, maybe not
<sheac> it'd be great to see them through to resolution! :)
<Amgine> <nods> Make sure there is a bug about that, and that it is assigned to you.
<sheac> There's a bug for sure - thanks for reminding me to self-assign
<Amgine> Tony_ You may want to troll through the outstanding bugs and grab any you plan on working on.
<tony_> sure
<Amgine> I will send an e-mail in the next couple hours to everyone, reminding about the Friday standups, and linking to this log.