UCOSP Spring 2012/Blog/27 Feb

Well we've moved into feature freeze for the time being and for a nice relaxing reading break! Currently the team is targeting bugs, cleaning things up and improving usability in the v0.1 Alpha release. We've put the to-do list at: http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Wiktionary_Mobile/v0.1/Alpha_ToDo

Here are the features that will make it into the (initial) final cut:

  • Copy word to clipboard [accomplished with Select Text feature]
  • Copy word and definition to clipboard [Accomplished with Select Text feature]
  • Share link to other apps
  • Fix misspellings / Did you mean? [from WikipediaMobile]
  • Changed app icon to be appropriate for Wiktionary [Dale]
  • Custom CSS/JS for Wiktionary [Patrick]
  • Interface with Wiktionary (API calls) [Patrick/Dale]
  • Design frontend [Tony/Shea]
  • Remove nearby [Tony]
  • Detecting languages [Patrick]
  • “look up in wiktionary” [Dale]
  • Word of the day [Shea]
  • Search typeahead

Our bug list has the following items:

  • New graphic for "page not found" [Dale]
  • Translation strings / icons are still from Wikipedia
  • Error screen for article not found references wikipedia, not wiktionary
  • Settings screen doesn't work in emulator?
  • Spinner freezes and stays when returning to WOTD page after leaving
  • "saved pages" don't actually do anything when selected