UCOSP Spring 2012/Blog/09 Feb

Might need some sprucing-up, but I think this is a good start!


After a great kickoff weekend in Vancouver we’re back in our separate cities, ready to continue work on our selected project. We’ve chosen to adapt the existing Wikipedia Android app to a Wiktionary app. Our goal is to provide maximum functionality with minimal change to the code – especially restricting our changes to the Javascript wherever possible.

As of the beginning of February, we’ve got a product that works but still requires some fine-tuning. The WMF team we’re working with – including Amgine, Sumanah, Tomasz, Brion and Yuvipanda – meet with us twice weekly to help us keep moving forward. So far we’ve had a number of Scrum-style meetings that have resulted in a number of larger solutions, including the decision to rebase and the request to have our own repository.

Features that are either close to, or already, finished include language detection, “look up in Wiktionary” (from any other app,) audio pronounciation of words and Word of the day.

Our wiki page: https://mediawiki.org/wiki/UCOSP_Spring_2012
Our git repo: Current: https://github.com/pfhayes/WiktionaryMobile
Our git repo: Future: https://github.com/wikimedia/WiktionaryMobile