UCOSP Spring 2012/Blog/09 Apr

It is early April and while the semester is winding down, the MediaWiki UCOSP team continues to be gaining momentum towards release of the Android Wiktionary App. As discussed since the last update, we have been working on cleaning up bugs and improving usability of the application rather than develop new features as we prepare for a release build.

We released a beta among the Wiki community (and anyone else we could convince with an Android phone) and have gathered some feedback, though not as much as we would have hoped. New bugs were nevertheless reported and were dealt with, such as compatibility issues with various Android versions, as well as issues to improve usability and appearance such as a new icon set and sharing to and from other applications. The main issues to deal with prior a release candidate are translations to view the app menu in other languages as well as some outstanding smaller bug fixes.

Our twice weekly meetings on IRC continue to be very productive and I personally find them to be extraordinarily helpful in keeping me in the loop of what the team is up to and seeing the progress unfold as we go along is very rewarding.

The Android Wiktionary App will be nearing release in the next few weeks and we will update you on the exciting developments soon!