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VE most often does not display last version

Jppialasse (talkcontribs)

I have a mediawiki instance behind a httpd reverse proxy.

VE is installed and configured for 1.35. The instance is using MEMCACHED as Cache Type.

Communication between the mediawiki httpd and the reverse proxy is without ssl (http), and the proxy does the encryption to https before delivering to client.

I am able to edit pages, it works great apart 2 issue:

1 Major Issue is that most of the time if you do two edits in a row, on the second edit it will display to edit the previous version of the page leaving you to erase your previous edit. Is there a configuration to avoid this ?

2 smaller issue links to pictures in the page are rendered as http, so browsers will not display them as the final communication is https . Is there a way to force parsoid to use https inside the code even if the mediawiki is configured as simple http behind a https proxy?

Jppialasse (talkcontribs)

answering to myself in case someone has same issue, this was caused by using mod_expires. If you do so take care to define an entry for json, to avoid browser caching the result:

ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 days"

ExpiresByType application/json "access"

ProbablyDrew (talkcontribs)

Thanks for posting this, I kept getting blank or outdated pages in visualeditor and search results were yielding nothing but dead ends.

I became convinced it was some local browser setting for a while before finding this post. Adding the json line to my apache mod_expires config resolved the issue. :)

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