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Adding and confirming metadata

Sannita (WMF) (talkcontribs)

This thread will address the theme of the basic functions related to topical metadata:

  1. Do users want to be able to approve or reject metadata suggested by the automated system?
  2. Do users want to be able to add additional metadata beyond what is suggested by the automated system?
  3. Do you think it may just be sufficient for users to have the opportunity to send feedback with suggestions on how to improve the machine generated metadata, when necessary?
Oursana (talkcontribs)

1)2) strong yes


Hjfocs (talkcontribs)

Dropping my two cents here. From some lessons learnt on data curation tools like Mix'n'match (Q28054658) and Primary Sources Tool (Q20656106), my general (and very personal) feeling is: we are talking about a tedious task, so the less you ask people to approve or reject suggestions, the better.

As mentioned in Structured_data_across_Wikimedia#What_is_changing, I totally agree that we should pick blue Wikipedia links as the low-hanging fruits; I'd also be confident enough to consider corresponding Wikidata items as the ground truth.

In conclusion: why bother about metadata curation at all? Let's take those links for granted! They are already the outcome of human love. Instead, I'd focus on automatically coming up with a summarized representation, read one high-level Wikidata item that best categorizes a given Wikipedia section, read topic categorization.

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