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Why does autosave send me to the top of the page?

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(In Chrome). This renders the service completely unusable to me. It removes me from where I am on the page after I've typed a few characters, and sends me to the top of the page.

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback.We've heard reports about scroll jumping, but have not been able to reproduce it yet. Can you share more details about when that happens? Is it happening every time on autosave for any article?

If you have access to the javascript console it would be very useful to get any error messages showing there.


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Lancine.kounfantoh.fofana (talkcontribs)

(in Chrome) when I start using content translation, it was very easy. But this time if you start writing article in nqowiki, the same scroll jumping can be happening. For that I'm aware from its, can you help me. ~~~~

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