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V2 Feedback: Pelagic

Pelagic (talkcontribs)

Version 2.0 testing feedback

TASK #1: On a desktop computer ...

I'm perverse, I tried it on a tablet in desktop web (not available in mobile web 🙁 )

TASK #2: Find the section heading, "How can we make this article better?"

Currently there are two, but okay, it probably won’t matter which one I choose...

TASK #4: What are your initial impressions of the tool? What stands out to you? Do you find something particularly eye-catching? Confusing?

The colours are funny ... no, that’s just because we don’t have a proper dark/night theme and I’m using system-level invert. Changed colour back to daytime.

The u-shaped boxing around “Source” is unusual. Not confusing, I can tell which option is selected.

Not-logged-in warning is prominent.

Reply button is disabled. Stays disabled if I enter only space characters (good). Becomes enabled once I type non-whitespace (expected). Preview is a bit slow (not surprising on Beta). Hint text was “Reply to Wladek” which reinforces the meaning of the indent. I’m still in Source mode at this stage.

† On iPad Safari iOS 12, Visual has a thin vertical border on the left but not right when selected. Switching back to Source, the side borders are gone. No stray borders in Firefox or Edgium on Windows.

TASK #5: Could you figure out how to write and style a comment in the tool's visual mode do so? What did you think of this experience?

Yes, no problems with inline styling via toolbar. Like with VE and SD, I can set italic using the iOS context menu, which is a nice touch.

Magic character combinations like [[ and {{ do the same as "normal" VE; probably getting ahead of things here.

I haven't used Language formatting in VE before. Was surprised how it behaved if I chose that from the toolbar with no text pre-selected.

TASK #6: Could you figure out how to ping someone who has commented in the section you are replying in? What did you think of this experience?

Only figured it out because I’ve tested the @-mention feature previously, otherwise I would have been lost. Probably would have inserted a {{u}} template by hand otherwise.

Noticed that I get the same style pop-up in Visual mode as in Source mode, rather than the SD-style mention box. Good that it's consistent across both views.

TASK #7: Could you figure out how to ping someone who has not commented in the section you are replying in? What did you think of this experience?

Hmm, i n t e r e s t I n g ... [I need to head off to work, will come back and complete this... 07:56 AEST.]

[Back, on a desktop PC now (11:00 AEST).]

I happened to pick a user whose name starts with a different letter. Initially I typed quickly, then later retried more slowly. With fewer than 4 letters, it sometimes autocompletes and sometimes not. Seems to depend on whether the drop-down is already open, e.g. if I get to 4 letters, activate the completion, then backspace to fewer letters it finds extra matches.

TASK #8: Could you figure out how to delete the ping you created in Task #7? What did you think of this experience?

I used Ctrl+Shift+Leftarrrow to try to select the whole word then press backspace or delete. Sometimes it selects the containing blue box (for want of a better word) and pops up the Link card, in that case Backspace just dismisses the popup. Other times it selects the text inside the box and I can delete that. Have to delete the "@" separately as that is just decoration now. If I Shift+Arrow in one letter at a time, or mouse-drag, then the progressive selection is less unintuitive. Double-click to word-select is fine. Touch-screen would be more fiddly.

TASK #9: Could you figure out how to see the comment you were writing in the visual mode, in the source mode before posting the comment to the talk page? What – if any – part the wikitext looked different from how you expected?

Wikitext displays with a single line break even though that would normally run-on instead of creating a paragraph break ... oh, of course, it's a <dd> not a para and the :::: are implied. Most inline formatting is as expected, though I didn't try any funky combinations of overlapping bold and italics.

The text I marked as French displayed an attribute href=something...ppelberg-test — see task #11 below.

TASK #10: Could you figure out how to post the comment you had written in Tasks #1 - #9 to the talk page?


TASK #11: Does the diff you created by posting a comment look as you expected? What – if anything – were you surprised to see?

I would like to be able to customize the edit summary. History list has a page full of "Reply".

Initially, apart from the JADE edit quality, no surprises with the diff. I was already expecting that the colons or bullets would be added, and already aware that the ping would be a normal wikilink and not a template.

But I see this in edit-source (different edit from the first diff I looked at):

:::''x''<sup>2</sup> + ''y''<sup href="Special:Contributions/">2</sup> = ''h''<sup>2</sup>
:::<small>Mumble, mumble, mumble.</small>
:::<span lang="fr" dir="ltr" href="User talk:Ppelberg-test">Ça plane pour moir</span>. I probably misspelt that.

See diff 426998!

OVERALL: If there are other comments or questions you would like to make the team aware of, please write them here.

When this is all over, could you delete the history with the IP addresses, please?

Pelagic (talkcontribs)
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