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Hide user IP address in anonymous editing

Summary by Biologically

Using Manual:Hooks/HtmlPageLinkRendererBegin - can be a solution.

Biologically (talkcontribs)

This may be a repeat question, but I read the answer to similar questions previously asked on Support desk and also read the MediaWiki manual - couldn't find the solution I was looking for.

Is there any method to hide the IP address of the users from everyone except the administrators (or if required hide from the administrators too) in a website running on MediaWiki software while still letting users participate anonymously?

Okay, so let me break it down -

  1. I am talking about any website running on MediaWiki software - and not only the website.
  2. The anonymous editing is enabled - $wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = true;
  3. Usually the "Recent changes", edit history shows the IP address of the editor when not logged in. This is where the problem is.

Clearly, this is not what it means by anonymous editing, because the user have to give away the IP info publicly.

So, I was thinking if there is a way to show a fixed username to all editor who are participating while not logged in - e.g. showing "Anonymous editor" or "Not logged in user" in place of their IP address. While at the same time it may allow the system to log the IP address (so that the admin can view and if required block a particular IP address). The thing is just not to make the IP available publicly.

When I searched the previous threads the commonly suggested answers were -

  1. Disable anonymous contribution
  2. Delete the history altogether
  3. The $wgShowIPinHeader solution - which is not available in recent MediaWiki releases.

Is there any way to do this?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)
Biologically (talkcontribs)

Got it. I shall try to do as you suggested. Thank you.