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FancyBoxThumbs for pdf format

Bennylin (talkcontribs)

No, I haven't. I tried to hack the code, to no avail. Bennylin (talk) 10:29, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

Bennylin (talkcontribs)

Hi Nicolas, in case you're still looking for a solution for this, I managed to tweak the code from version 1.0.1 to be able to display pdf thumbnail in fancyboxthumb correctly (alongside with other types)

This is my change to the code:

if ( !defined( 'MEDIAWIKI' ) )
    die( 'This is a MediaWiki extension, and must be run from within MediaWiki.' );
//Register Credits
$wgExtensionCredits['other'][] = array(
    'name'        => 'FancyBoxThumbs',
    'url'         => '',
    'author'      => '[ Jason Gill]',
    'description' => 'Displays thumbnailed images in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page. A simple and fancy lightbox alternative',
    'version'     => '1.0.1'
$wgHooks['BeforePageDisplay'][] = 'efBeforePageDisplay';
function efBeforePageDisplay($out)
    global $wgScriptPath, $wgTitle, $wgRequest;
	// Don't load if in the Special namespace (to prevent clobbering Semantic Forms or other extensions that load jQuery).
	// Also don't load if we're doing any sort of action on the page.
	$action = $wgRequest->getVal("action");
	if($wgTitle->getNsText() != "Special" && $action != "formedit")
		$FBT_Dir = '/extensions/FancyBoxThumbs/fancybox';
		//Only load jQuery if for some reason it's not present
		$out->addScript('<script type="text/javascript">var jQueryScriptOutputted = false;function initJQuery() {if (typeof(jQuery) == "undefined") {if (! jQueryScriptOutputted) {jQueryScriptOutputted = true;document.write(\'<scr\'+\'ipt type="text/javascript" src="//"></scr\'+\'ipt>\');}setTimeout("initJQuery()", 50);}}initJQuery();</script>');
		$out->addScript('<link rel="stylesheet" href="'.$wgScriptPath.''.$FBT_Dir.'/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" type="text/css" />');
		##uses jquery to rewrite the href, rather than traditional php methods that can break the CMS nature of WikiMedia
		$out->addScript('<script type="text/javascript">'
						.'(function($) {'
							.'$(document.body).ready(function() {'
									.'var img_split1 = $(this).children().first().attr("src").split("/thumb");'
									.' if(img_split1[1] == null) { img_split1[1] = img_split1[0]; img_split1[0] = \'\';};' // Not a thumb but a full image
									.' var img_type = img_split1[1].substr(img_split1[1].length -4);' // cut the last 4 (!) characters to fetch .jpg and jpeg
									.' var img_type_pdf = img_split1[1].substr(img_split1[1].length -7);' // cut the last 7 (!) characters to test if it is pdf thumbnail or not
									.' var img_split2 = img_split1[1].split(img_type);'
									.' var img_src = img_split1[0]+img_split2[0]+"."+img_type;'
									.' if(img_type_pdf == "pdf.jpg") var img_src = img_split1[0]+"/thumb"+img_split2[0]+"."+img_type;'//if pdf thumbnail, insert "/thumb" address back to the href
									.' var img_src = img_src.replace("..", ".");' // change ..jpg to .jpg but do not change .jpeg
									.' $(this).attr("href", img_src);' //href to the image source
									.' $(this).attr("rel", "group");'
    return true;


Deletedaccount4567435 (talkcontribs)

WOW COOL! It work for our site!


Bennylin (talkcontribs)

You're welcome, Zoglun

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