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Upgrade from MW 1.18.1 to 1.23.5 broke sysop and Bureaucrat users functionality

Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

Upgrade from MW 1.18.1 to 1.23.5 broke sysop and Bureaucrat users functionality

User listed in sysop and Bureaucrats MediaWiki Output receives Permission error when clicking on restricted links.

Permission error You do not have permission to <action-confirmaccount>, for the following reason: The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Bureaucrats.

Permission error You do not have permission to create this user account, for the following reason: The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Administrators.

Displays user.

Displays user.


Product Version MediaWiki 1.23.5 PHP 5.3.17 (apache2handler) MySQL 5.6.20-log

Thank you (talkcontribs)


Two things: On Special:ConfirmAccounts, does it really contain the text <action-confirmaccount> at that place? This points to a missing language label. Anyway, since the special page itself is there, the extension obviously is installed in some way.

If I remember correctly, the usernames on Special:ListUsers are not cached, but displayed "live". Anyway, have a look at the database table user_group. Are there rows for the according user? User_id in ug_user and the name of the group written as a word in ug_group?

Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

I used links off: /index.php/Special:ListGroupRights under Groups: Bureaucrats & Administrators to test my Permissions.

These all gave me Permission Error:





Once again these URLs do display my username:



My USERID is listed twice: from user:user_id in user_groups:ug_user.

Confusingly all user_groups:ug_groups are displayed as BLOB.

Thanks for helping!!! (talkcontribs)

I think you should be able to actually read the contents of the fields, if you do a SELECT query and add the CONVERT() function to it like this:

CONVERT(ug_group USING utf8)
Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

Yes labels in <> on all the error pages:


I will research: "missing language label".

Working on CONVERT function - THANKS!!!

Wendyly32 (talkcontribs)
Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

It appears I have an answer.
In MediaWiki 1.18.1 logging into EDir created user names using the EDir convention: Uppercase Uppercase lowercase rest of username.....
Logging into Upgrade MediaWiki 1.23.5 forced Username to: Uppercase lowercase rest of username....
Simply editing all usernames in DB to be Uppercase first character only fixed it. (talkcontribs)

Alright, the problem then was not that the (old) usernames did no longer have the right permissions, but that you in fact got logged in with a different username and this user had a different ID in the user table and so did not get the permissions assigned. Sounds to me like something was changed in the (external?) login mechanism you are using.

Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

I believe MediaWiki 1.23.5 forces all my logins:


All 4 succeed logging into my Edir account: USername.
Forces Username displayed to: Username,
Browser saves same password to 4 usernames:

Still can't Merge accounts: USername to Username.

Only way to fix is delete all USernames from database and leave orphaned records!

Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

Renamed in Database: USername to U1ername.
Merged: U1ername to Username, with success.

Can anyone tell me if this will either break anything or leave orphaned records?

Thanks. (talkcontribs)

I expect that the UserMerge extension works with the user ID, not with the user name. That means: It should work, but what you do is not what is supposed to be done. I would double check, if usernames are displaying correctly after that, e.g. in the page histories.

As for your usernames: MediaWiki username must start with a capital letter. That means that your user "username" is invalid. You should not have users with first letter in lowercase. As for the other variations, I think they might be OK. There is a maintenance script, which can check users for validity. You might want to run it to see...

Anyway, I think that the problem originates in the way you are doing the login/registration of user accounts for MediaWiki. MediaWiki should not change any user name. So "USername" and "Username" are two different accounts, but whether you supply the one or the other should not cause problems.

Tcaton-nm (talkcontribs)

Output using: Special:UserMerge with User_ID:

Merge and delete users

ERROR: Invalid old username

Usernames to merge:
Old user (merge from): 5
New user (merge to): 63
x Delete old user

Does work with User_Names that are different except when only difference is in Case.
According to this script: Username = USername

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

What login mechanism do you use with MediaWiki? Are you using any extension to authenticate to an LDAP or some other external resource?

Wendyly32 (talkcontribs)


There are two things. On Special:UserLogin/signup on Roblox Wiki, does it really creating the account on Roblox Wiki only by by Administrator? Well, that points to a missing link. Anyway, you have to send an email to to be able to request an account on Roblox Wiki. Remember, it takes a few weeks, months or years to be able to reply to you to show the link to request an account.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

But what's the problem we're trying to resolve here?

Wendyly32 (talkcontribs)

Attempting to create/request an account by sending email to

Wendyly32 (talkcontribs)

Whenever I type , it said: Permission error You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason: You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)