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Mmxx (talkcontribs)

WikiLove have some problems on the Commons,

In Commons WikiLove shows some of the texts in English and untranslated, also there is a problem with RTL direction in Commons.
Is it possible that certain projects use their own set of awards/images? or modify the award menus as they want?

Krinkle (talkcontribs)

The problem is that WikiLove's options are currently hardcoding language in the local config (commons:MediaWiki:WikiLove.js). I'd suggest the extension be changed so that it:

  • Extend defaultOptions with local config, rather than overwriting it (options = mw.wikiLove.defaultOptions extended with mw.wikiLove.localOptions)
  • Using messages.
Kaldari (talkcontribs)

The RTL issue is tricky on Commons. The content language of Commons is English and thus the interface is LTR (even if your user language is an RTL language). I believe Commons has some sort of hack in place to fix this after the fact, but apparently it doesn't work for WikiLove. This will require more investigation. Krinkle is correct in his analysis of the localization issue.

In short, WikiLove isn't really equipped for dealing with a multi-lingual environment (like Commons or Meta).

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