Texvccheck is used for input verification of the the input in the math tag i.e. <math>\TeX-Input</math>.

Install texvccheck in the following way:

Note Note: /.../ stands for the path to /extensions/Math/texvccheck/

username@username:~$ cd /.../extensions/Math/texvccheck/

username@username:/.../extensions/Math/texvccheck$ make
ocamlopt -c util.ml
ocamlc -c tex.mli
ocamlyacc parser.mly
9 shift/reduce conflicts.
ocamlc -c parser.mli
ocamlopt -c parser.ml
ocamlopt -c texutil.ml
ocamllex lexer.mll
344 states, 8879 transitions, table size 37580 bytes
3277 additional bytes used for bindings
ocamlopt -c lexer.ml
ocamlopt -c texvccheck.ml
ocamlopt -o texvccheck unix.cmxa util.cmx parser.cmx texutil.cmx lexer.cmx texvccheck.cmx
rm parser.ml lexer.ml

username@username:/.../extensions/Math/texvccheck$ tex
tex               texconfig-dialog  texcount          texdirflatten     texdoctk          texlinks          texlua            texvc
texconfig         texconfig-sys     texdiff           texdoc            texhash           texloganalyser    texluac

username@username:/vagrant/mediawiki/extensions/Math/texvccheck$ ./texvccheck 'a+b'

+a+busername@username:/vagrant/mediawiki/extensions/Math/texvccheck$ ./texvccheck '\noValidCommand'

F\noValidCommandusername@username:/vagrant/mediawiki/extensions/Math/texvccheck$ ./texvccheck '\left( a + )'


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