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Documentation du modèle
Attention ! Attention : Ne pas utiliser d'images avec des licenses qui nécessitent une attribution pour une icône supérieure si vous voulez pointer ailleurs que vers la page de description de l'image. Ne pas pointer vers l'image signifie violer la licence.

Ceci est un méta modèle utilisé pour aider à construire les icônes supérieures, les petites icônes (habituellement de 20x20 pixels) dans le coin supérieur droit des pages utilisateur ou des pages de documentation. Le modèle utilise le système des indicateurs de statut de page.


{{Top icon
| imagename    = Image file to use as icon.
| wikilink     = The page to link to. This is where you will be taken when clicking the icon.
| description  = The tooltip will display this text when the mouse pointer hovers over the icon.
| id           = A unique id is required when using different top icons on the same page.

Options supplémentaires :

| sortkey      = Allows ordering the icons according to the sortkey given.
| width        = Uses a different width for the images. Default is 20.
| height       = Uses a different height for the images. Default is 20.

Top icons are automatically sorted for consistency in articles. For that reason, |sortkey= should only be used in user top icons. Sort keys are sorted alphabetically, so, for example, "19" will sort before "2". If you want to use numbers as sort keys, and you have more than 10 top icons on a page, you must add leading zeroes, e.g. |sortkey=01, |sortkey=02, etc.

|width= and |height= are restrictive, meaning when one parameter is not set explicitly, the default acts as a maximum, even if the other parameter is set higher. To increase the overall size, both must be specified.

The following parameters are obsolete and no longer functional: |number=, |icon_nr=, |offset=, |extra-offset=, |class= and |style=.

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