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Template documentation


This template should be added to the main page of all tools documented on this wiki (and only the main page). It will add a useful infobox using the information supplied (see below) and will automatically add the tool to All tools , plus the appropriate status and implementation type categories.


Copy and paste:

{{Tool|templatemode =
|name            = 
|status          = 
|type1           = 
|type2           = 
|username        = 
|author          = 
|description     = 
|image           = 
|imagesize       = 
|version         = 
|update          = 
|version preview = 
|update preview  = 
|mediawiki       = 
|php             = 
|license         = 
|download        = 
|readme          = 
|changelog       = 
|example         = 
|parameters      = 
|tags            = 
|compatibility   = 
|bugzilla        = 
|phabricator =

For help with parameter values, see below.

Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: se desconoce
Implementación {{{type1}}}, {{{type2}}}
Descripción {{{description}}}
Autor(es) SomeAuthor (SomeUsertalk)
Latest version {{{version}}} ({{{update}}})
Latest preview version {{{version preview}}} ({{{update preview}}})
MediaWiki {{{mediawiki}}}
PHP {{{php}}}
Licencia {{{license}}}
Descarga {{{download}}}
Ejemplo {{{example}}}
Issues : [[phab:tag/{{{phabricator}}}|Tareas abiertas]] · Reportar un bug

Content parameters

This section describes parameters that govern infobox content. For help with templatemode and other control parameters, please see Control parameters.

Content parameters
Parameter Description
name name of the tool
status current release status

One of:

If the status is anything other than the above, it will be ignored and the default value of 'Unknown' will be displayed in the template instead. In cases where the value is omitted, it will be categorized as unknown . In cases where the value is invalid, it will be placed in a special category so that the error can be caught and fixed.

implementation type

The implementation strategy(s) employed in building this tools. This parameter is used to create categories that help programmers find examples of various MediaWiki specific implementation strategies or patterns. Although the values of this parameter sometimes coincide with the use case or purpose of an tools, that is not reason for this parameter. If the values you have chosen for this parameter do not adequately identify the purpose or possible use cases, we recommend you add additional category links as needed.

Legal values for the type1,type2,... parameters are:

Any other value for 'type' is invalid, and will cause the tool to be placed in Category:Tools with invalid or missing type.

Note: Many tools have more than one type, if this applies to yours,replace |type= with |type1=|type2=|type3=.... You may define up to six types for a tool.

username The author's username on MediaWiki.org (if they have one). May be omitted, but if present it will be used to link to the author's user & user_talk page.
author The tool author's name, if different from their MediaWiki.org username. Free text. If omitted then the 'username' field will be used (if present).
description short description
image screenshot or logo of tool
imagesize facultative, size of the image (default size is 220px)
version last version
update date of the last update
mediawiki required version of MediaWiki
php required version of PHP
license license(s) governing use of this tool, e.g. GPL
download link to the download : Git, {{WikimediaDownload }} with server=svn in case it was not migrated from SVN. If you put the code into page in the MediaWiki wiki, link to it using a full page name and section name, e.g. [[Tool:Example/version_1.22a#Code]] (it must remain valid when bot-copied elsewhere)
readme link to the readme file : README or other
changelog link to the changelog file : CHANGELOG or other
parameters available parameters for LocalSettings.php
tags any tags your tool uses (e.g. <tag1>, <tag2>).
rights rights added by the tool. Not to be confused with the license! Not such as GFDL or LGPL or GPL - those are licenses!
example example, website or screenshot of working tool
compatibility compatibility chart
bugzilla Bugzilla MediaWiki extension component name
CheckUsageNameOverride override the page name used for the check usage link.

Control parameters

Control parameters
Parameter Description
templatemode Controls auto-categorization of host page.

Normally left blank. Alternate values are:

  • nocats - suppresses categorization. Use this value if you are adding this template to subpages of an tool or to how-to documentation of tools. For example, the usage image above sets templatemode=nocats because this isn't an actual tool page and we don't want to add this page to any categories on account of it.

If this is left blank, this template will add the host page to All tools and to one or more additional categories, depending on the values assigned to the Content parameters.

Using the infobox

Existing tools pages

If you want to add the infobox to an existing page, copy and paste the code at the top of this page.

Infobox parameters

In general:

  • To make this template easy to use, each label in the infobox is linked to documentation on the template parameter(s) it displays. If you add a parameter, please be sure to also add it to the content parameter documentation and link its label to its documentation.

To change/correct/add to the implementation type parameters (type1, etc.):

Test case

See if the following pages are still ok, after edited this template.