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Das ist das {{Kurzgesagt }} Dialogfenster.

This template presents a concise summary at the top of policy, essay, and guideline pages. It is placed below the title and other infoboxes and above the first paragraph of the main body.

  • Use the nutshell summary to make MediaWiki and MediaWiki.org more inviting to new users.
  • Nutshell entries must be brief overviews, with a very high meaning to number of words ratio.
  • Make sure each word in the nutshell carries significant weight, "make every word tell".
  • Wikilink to other pages to create a "nut trail" of pages with nutshells.

This template can also be used on other pages, for instance on how-to guides. Aber es sollte nicht in Artikeln verwendet werden.



Rendert etwa so:

{{nutshell|First bullet point|Second bullet point|Third bullet point}}

Rendert etwa so:

{{Nutshell|title=That's me|concisely summarizes this page}}

Rendert etwa so:

{{Nutshell|title=That's me|concisely summarizes this page|shortcut=me}}

Rendert etwa so:

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