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For archiving extensions and skins in a way that removes them from standard view, but is still accessible in revisions history. This allows the wiki to both respect the original contributor by not completely removing their work, while reducing the amount of content that may inadvertently cause confusion or problems for sysadmins and developers. Also add the page to শ্রেণী:আর্কাইভ করা এক্সটেনশন or Category:Archived skins .


{{Archived extension|oldID}}

{{Archived extension|oldID|reason=Depended on a service which no longer exists.}}

{{Archived extension|oldID|Alternative1|Alternative2|Alternative3|reason=This extension is unstable and unmaintained.}}

{{Archived extension|oldID|task=T1234}}

{{Archived extension|oldID|reason=This extension is unstable and unmaintained.|task=T1234}}

Revision ID of the last revision which contained the extension or skin's information
Can be found in the URL by visiting that revision from the page's history screen
If no oldid is provided, the page will automatically be placed in the category Category:Archived extensions without an oldid or Category:Archived skins without an oldid .
Alternative1, Alternative2, Alternative3
Alternative extensions or skins that perform similar functions
To provide a different explanation for why the extension or skin is being archived.
If the extension or skin was archived due to a Phabricator task, provides a link to that task. This is appended to the |reason= parameter (or the default text if that parameter is not specified)

Display a message that the current extension has been archived.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Old ID1

Revision ID of the page before the archival

Auto value
Alternative 12

Optional alternative 1

Page nameoptional
Alternative 23

Optional alternative 2

Page nameoptional
Archival reasonreason

Reason for the archival

Depended on a service which no longer exists.
Auto value
This extension has not been maintained for some time, and no longer supports recent releases of MediaWiki.
Should categorizenocat

Determines if the page the template is used on should be included in [[]]

Auto value

Reference of Phabricator task leading to archival