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Use this template on API documentation pages to format an example API request.

Note as an alternative, {{Api help}} transcludes localized API documentation generated from source code which normally has API examples in it.

User:SPage (WMF)/ApiEx utility creates a {{ApiEx/doc}} template invocation if you paste an api.php URL into it.


| desc=Capitalization, localization, "_" => " ", "Project" => "Wikipedia", ...
| p1=action=query
| p2=titles=Project:articleA{{!}}article_B
| result=<source lang="xml">
      <n from="Project:articleA" to="Wikipedia:ArticleA" />
      <n from="article_B" to="Article B" />
      <page ns="4" title="Wikipedia:ArticleA" missing="" />
      <page ns="0" title="Article B" missing="" />


  • desc - API request description
  • lang - two-letter code for the wiki language. 'en' by default.
  • site - full URL of site to use in example (e.g., Overrides lang parameter.
  • p1-p9 - parameter groups, each containing either one param=value pair or multiple pairs each separated by an ampersand (&), e.g. p3=param=value&paramB=valueBbbb).
  • result - the result of the query execution. Add the template, preview, click the api.php link, and copy and paste the API response into the template as
    | result=<source lang="javascript">PASTE RESPONSE HERE</source>
  • post - a "list" of {{ApiEx/Post}} objects, to generate a post table
  • collapse - set to "no" to stop "result" and "post" sections from being collapsed with {{Collapse top}}/{{Collapse bottom}}
  • apisandbox - whether to show a "[try in ApiSandbox]" link that loads the example API query parameters into Special:ApiSandbox. Default is 1, add | apisandbox=0 to not show this link.


  • This template outputs a wikitext link. Any spaces in the URL parameters p1...p9 will garble the link, so change them to %20.
  • Similarly, any pipe-separate values in the URL parameters such as a group of pages "title1|title2" must be escaped, so use the {{!}} magic word.


Capitalization, localization, "_" => " ", "Project" => "Wikipedia", ...